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April 2018 Archives

What if Social Security says they are cutting my benefits?

As previous posts here have mentioned, it can be a difficult process for residents of Central Florida to get disability benefits from the Social Security Administration, even if they have a bona fide illness or injury. The obstacles with getting these benefits are one reason why many Florida residents seek out the assistance of a Social Security attorney when filing their disability claim or appealing a denial of their claim.

Seeking SSD benefits for a debilitating injury

We have all heard the phrase "accidents happen." When we think about it, we often think of a simple trip, fall or bump. We don't think of severe and tragic incidents that could completely alter the life of the victim. These accidents we never believe will happen, and when they do, we often do not know what to do about them. While medical treatment is the obvious first step, what can Florida residents do when they are no longer able to work after suffering serious and debilitating injuries in an accident?

Review of workers' compensation and SSD benefits

Although previous posts here have covered the topic, it is helpful for injured workers in and around Kissimmee, Florida, to be reminded that there may be other options available to them above and beyond workers' compensation benefits. As is the case in other states, when someone suffers from a crippling injury at work, that person can get workers' compensation in order to pay off medical bills and cover some lost wages. However, workers' compensation will rarely cover all of a Florida victim's bills and lost income.