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June 2017 Archives

Helping you apply for SSD benefits for mental conditions

Suffering from physical impairments is not the only thing that could result in a disabling condition. In fact, many Florida residents suffer from medical conditions that are not physical. These conditions may or may not be visible; however, these conditions can be disabling nonetheless. Suffering from a mental disorder can be challenging, and whether an individual was born with one or acquired it later in life due to an illness or injury, it is important to understand what rights are afforded to those living with a mental condition.

Living with a disability caused by a brain injury

Living with a disability caused y an accident comes with many challenges. For most individuals in this situation, it can be clear to others that you are physically injured. What about disabling injuries that cannot be seen? Some residents in Florida and elsewhere are unfortunately suffering from a traumatic brain injury. While some of the symptoms associated with this serious injury can be noticeable, for the most part, victims suffer silently.

What is the Compassionate Allowance program?

Receiving a diagnosis for a severe or terminal illness can be emotional, devastating, confusing and life altering. Residents in Florida and elsewhere are shocked by the news because they never thought they would be the one to suffer such a difficult and serious situation. Many questions invade a person's mind following such a diagnosing, most of them related to the possible medical treatments they might endure and how this process could impact their health and longevity of life.

Overcoming denied SSD benefits and initiating the appeals process

Suffering an unexpected illness or injury can be difficult. For most residents in Florida, such a situation can present many challenges, especially if the injury or illness requires much medical attention and recovery time. As a result, these individuals are unable to work due to a disability. Thus, their answer is to apply for Social Security disability benefits as a means to offset the financial hardships caused by a disabling injury or illness.

Ways to address poverty among those living with disabilities

Whether you are born with a disability or acquired one later in life due to an injury, illness or medical condition, it is likely this disability is anything but easy. In fact, those living with disabilities sin Florida and elsewhere are frequently faced with challenges, such as being unable to work, care for his or herself or return to their old life. This can significantly impact a person's quality of life and ability to meet his or her basic needs, such as food, shelter and medical care.

What steps are necessary to apply for SSD and Medicare?

Many Florida residents are aware that the Social Security Administration offers specific programs for those living with disabilities. While Social Security Disability Insurance and Supplemental Security Income are designed to help those suffering from disabilities related to injuries, illnesses and medical conditions. The goal of these programs is to address financial hardships caused by being able to work because of a disability.

Proposed budget cuts for Social Security Disability in 2018

Living with a disability can be challenging. However, residents in Florida and other states can get help through government programs established by the Social Security Administration. Today, many Americans rely on these funds to meet their basic needs and overcome the challenges presented by a disability caused by injuries, illnesses and mental conditions. Nonetheless, current and future applicants for disability benefits might worry about their ability to get these necessary benefits, as the current presidential administration seeks to make major cuts to the SSD program.

Mental illness is most common debilitating condition in the U.S.

Disabilities are not always easily seen on the outside. Many individuals in Florida and elsewhere suffer from mental conditions that often go unnoticed by others. Nonetheless, a mental condition can be just as debilitating as physical impairments. And while disabilities caused by serious injuries and illnesses can make it challenging to navigate life, it is important to understand what is defined as a disability, what type of disability is most commonly suffered and what can be done by those living with disabilities.

Can applicants get help when applying for disability benefits?

Applying for Social Security Disability benefits for injury can be a difficult process to initiate. Even when individuals in Florida and other states recognize that they are suffering from a disability that is covered by SSD benefits and meets the SSA's definition of disability, their disability can make it challenging to get through the application process on their own. In these cases, having assistance can be essential.