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September 2020 Archives

Even a short fall can lead to a serious brain injury

You probably know that you can suffer a head injury if you fall, but did you realize that a fall on the same level can be just as dangerous as a fall from a height? If you fall because of tripping or slipping, you could injure yourself just as badly as if you fell from a tree, platform or even down the stairs.

Workers' compensation rates to drop in Florida in 2021

News that workers' compensation rates may go down for employers may not seem important for workers, but the reality is that this is an excellent sign. It could mean that there are fewer claims being made and that Florida is becoming a safer place for workers.

Are most car accidents preventable?

A car accident can change your life instantly. One moment you may be driving down the road, and the next moment, you may find yourself with serious injuries, medical bills, property damage and other complications. It is not always easy to identify why an accident happened or what factors may have played a role in what happened to you. These are often complicated events that may involve multiple parties.

Thousands die waiting for Social Security Disability decisions

People who file for Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) are unable to work to earn money, so they seek the benefits from a program that they paid in to while they did work. Sadly, some applicants never see a penny of that money because they pass away while they're facing the appeal process.