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January 2016 Archives

Ticket to Work and Social Security disability in Florida

Floridians who would like to try to go back to work but are concerned that they will lose their disability benefits if they do need to be aware of the Ticket to Work program. Ticket to Work is a voluntary program that is available to people between the ages of 18 and 64 who receive disability benefits. It seeks to help these people get and maintain employment so that they are not dependent solely on their benefits.

Can I complain about the ALJ when seeking SSD benefits?

Social Security Disability claimants who are denied Social Security might be aware that there are various methods in which they can appeal the denial. However, they might not know that if the Administrative Law Judge treated them unfairly or did something inappropriate, there is a way to complain about it to the Social Security Administration.

Understanding Asperger Syndrome and receiving disability benefits

People in Kissimmee might have a perception that Social Security Disability benefits are limited to those who are suffering from a clear injury, condition or illness. However, people who are suffering from a mental issue might not realize that Social Security disability benefits for mental conditions are available. There are many disorders that can result in an approval for benefits. One is Asperger Syndrome.

Identity theft leads to woman losing SSD benefits

Floridians who are suffering from an illness, condition, disability or have suffered injuries that render them unable to work may be eligible for Social Security disability benefits. Disability is available to those who meet the requirements and are approved to receive them. It is important to understand the various rules for those who are receiving SSD benefits and how to retain them. Disability recipients also have to be cognizant of how their disability status can be affected by events in and out of their control.

The effect an unsuccessful work attempt has on disability status

People in Kissimmee who are receiving Social Security disability benefits for injury must understand that the benefits are not meant to be for an open-ended duration. With qualifying SSD benefits for injury, the claimant will be expected to try to get back to work. If, however, they do try and maintain an inability to work, they can continue receiving benefits. This will be known as an unsuccessful work attempt (UWA).

SSD benefits and the student earned income exclusion

For people in the Kissimmee area who are seeking Social Security disability benefits through the Supplemental Security Income ("SSI") program, a common worry is how much money they will be able to earn through work while still qualifying to receive disability. Age, assets and income level are important factors when the Social Security Administration (SSA) determines eligibility for SSI.

Legal help for SSD benefits for chronic pain and depression

Floridians who are suffering from chronic pain and depression might not know that they can seek and receive Social Security disability benefits. The chronic pain can be located in a variety of areas on the body for a number of different reasons including headaches, back pain, pain due to cancer, pain from arthritis and more. There could be more than one condition with chronic pain. The combination can help with an approval for benefits.

Income and ownership rules for SSD benefits through SSI in 2016

For people who are planning to file for Social Security disability benefits through the Supplemental Security Income program, understanding certain requirements and rules is imperative. There are basic amounts that will be paid to a person who is receiving SSI and it can vary on an annual basis. Knowing the amount that can be received, what the income limitations are and what can be owned are all keys to SSD benefits through the SSI program.

What does the State Disability Determination Services do?

Floridians seeking Social Security Disability will quickly learn that it is not a simple matter of filling out a few forms, gathering the necessary information and suddenly being approved for SSD benefits. There is a great deal that needs to be done, and done properly according to federal regulations, to be approved. It is important to understand the basics when seeking disability benefits, and that includes what various government entities do. That includes the State Disability Determination Services.