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January 2019 Archives

Get your appeal heard for Social Security Disability

As someone who has applied for disability benefits and been denied, you're in a difficult position and long waiting game. With the current government shutdown, you are fortunate that your paperwork is already processed since you can appeal and have your appeal heard. If you hadn't yet applied, you'd have to wait for the government to reopen.

What is the full impact of car crashes in the United States?

Personal injuries can result from many different situations, but one of the most common is the car crash. A car crash can lead to head injuries, neck or back injuries and other wounds that require time to heal. Some people suffer injuries that are so serious that they may never be the same.

Workers' compensation rates decrease, businesses to comply

With the new year beginning, there are changes being made to Florida's laws regarding workers' compensation. Insurance rates for workers' compensation influence how businesses protect their employees. When costs are high, businesses might try to avoid buying into worker's compensation, even though that's illegal.

Will a boom in construction lead to more job site injuries?

Construction is one of the fastest growing industries in the United States. As Florida readers may know, construction is a job that can be relatively risky, and job site safety should be a primary concern for every construction company, site manager and employer. This may become even more important as construction continues to grow.