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August 2016 Archives

Assistance when filing or appealing a SSD claim

If you suffer from a serious illness or medical condition, then you know the havoc it can wreak in your life. It might prevent you from carrying out daily activities, like going to the grocery store or picking up your children from school, and it could disallow you from obtaining and maintaining employment. This, in turn, can lead to financial challenges that can send ripples throughout you and your family's well-being.

What is the Social Security disability starter kit?

Navigating the Social Security disability landscape can be challenging and overwhelming, especially for those who have no experience with the system. In an attempt to make the claims process easier, the Social Security Administration provides starter kits. These kits contain many items to help a disabled individual initiate his or her claim, and it is a great way to familiarize oneself with the process and applicable law.

Multiple sclerosis and SSD benefits

It can be scary to think about how many illnesses there are and how quickly they can strike an individual. One day, an individual can be living a normal, healthy life, and the next he or she may be diagnosed with a medical condition that could leave him or her permanently disabled. While this swift change in circumstances can certainly cause emotional turmoil, it can also cause financial hardship, particularly when a disability leaves an individual unable to work.

How are skin disorders analyzed for Social Security disability?

There are a number of diseases, illnesses and injuries that can affect an individual's life. Such conditions may leave an individual in pain and unable to carry out what were once easy tasks. In fact, some medical conditions leave individuals unable to work, which can throw their finances into a tailspin and make it difficult to pay the rent or mortgage and obtain much needed medical care. Individuals in these situations may need to seek out Social Security disability benefits to find the financial stability they need.

Court reverses denial of SSD benefits

Previously on this blog, we have discussed how many initial Social Security disability claims are denied. We encourage our readers, and our clients, to not be discouraged, though, as appellate options are available to them. It may start with a reconsideration, if necessary, it might find its way up to federal court. Those who doubt the effect of filing an appeal need only look at one recent court decision that could lead to the recovery of benefits for a disabled individual.

The Lawrence Law Firm fights for SSD benefits

Disability can wreak havoc on a person's life. It might keep a person from enjoying the life activities you once did and you might wind up facing significant financial hardship. Medical expenses, lost wages and rehabilitation costs can all mount, threating to throw you into a fiscal tailspin. While this is certainly true at the time you suffer a disability, those who are fortunate enough to recover from the debilitating injury or illness may struggle to recover from that period of financial turmoil.

Disabled veterans and fully developed claims

Serving in the military is an act of bravery and sacrifice. Our country's honorable military service members dedicate years of their lives to ensure that our nation and its freedoms are protected. Since they put so much on the line for our country, the least our country can do for them is to provide them with benefits that they need and deserve. Amongst these benefits are Social Security disability benefits. However, as we have discussed previously on this blog, these claims can take a long time to reach an adjudication.

Can I receive SSD benefits retroactively?

In the past, this blog has discussed the backlog currently seen by the Social Security disability system. For some, this wait can be excruciating, as their financial resources are drained during a time when they cannot work. For others, the wait can be somewhat confusing, especially if they reclaim their health while they are waiting to obtain their benefits. These individuals, and others who are able to get back to work after a temporary disability, may find themselves wondering if they can still recover SSD benefits.

What is a compassionate allowance?

The Social Security disability process can be fraught with complications and delays. An individual may obtain new medical information after the claims process is underway, requiring the person to file that information and the Social Security Administration to take the time to consider the documentation's impact on the claim itself. Additionally, many initial claims are denied, meaning that success, if obtainable, can only be reached on appeal. All of this time and effort can leave an individual with a serious medical condition with significant financial challenges.