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April 2017 Archives

Debunking SSD recipient myths and protecting disability rights

Whether you are currently living with a disability or know a loved one that is, many Florida residents understand the challenges that come with obtaining Social Security Disability benefits. Being unable to work is difficult on its own, and many disabled individuals must endure the lengthy and stressful process to obtain SSD benefits. Even if an applicant is initially denied, the applicant should be aware of their rights while moving through the process.

Eligibility requirements for SSD benefits for children

When disabilities are congenital or acquired in a person's youth, this can be challenging for the children and their parents. While the child's condition is not currently preventing them from working, it does add costs to the household, and it can also make it difficult for a parent to maintain a full-time job. In these cases, there are Social Security Disability options for children, and these benefits can provide financial assistance for the child and their loved ones.

What are the most common disabling work-related injuries?

No one expects to suffer a serious injury, but the reality is that accidents can happen at any time and any place. One of those places is the workplace. When a worker suffers a disabling injury in the workplace, he or she will likely seek workers' compensation benefits. While these are very helpful benefits to collect, injured workers could seek other disability benefits. This is especially true if they have suffered a long-term disability. In these cases, Social Security Disability can be extremely helpful.

Protecting your rights during the SSD application process

Being diagnosed with a mental condition can be difficult to handle. A person is not only struggling with the symptoms of the condition but also the life-changing impacts it causes. One is never prepared for what this diagnosis will truly bring; however, individuals in Florida suffering from a mental illness have opportunities to regain control of some areas of their lives. If a person is unable to work because of a mental condition, he or she could offset the financial hardships caused by a loss of income by applying for Social Security Disability.

SSD benefits for those suffering heart disease

Being diagnosed with a serious illness is overwhelming, shocking and life-altering. Many residents in Florida are not prepared to deal with a chronic illness diagnosis; however, most are willing to take the steps to address their medical needs. But, medical treatment can be hard on the body, and this process can take a toll on the patient. This not only disturbs his or her quality of life, but it also can make it impossible to work. Under these circumstances, Social Security Disability benefits could be an extremely beneficial resource for the patient.

Can you receive SSD benefits for suffering bipolar disorder?

Suffering from a mental condition is often a challenging time for individuals in Florida and elsewhere. Being diagnosed with a serious mental illness, such a bipolar disorder, can greatly alter a person's life. Although the person may understand that their life is difficult or challenging, they might not recognize themselves as disabled. Nonetheless, this mental condition can be debilitating, causing some to be unable to work. In these cases, individuals might want to seek out their options when it comes to Social Security disability.

Helping you navigate an SSD for illness claim

We go through life intending to be healthy so we can live a long and fulfilling life; however, this is not always the case. Unfortunately, disease and illnesses strike individuals in Florida and elsewhere, drastically changing their lives as they know them. Not only does their life entail going to the doctor, having medical treatments and resting every chance they get, but it also often means being unable to work. A work-related illness or occupational disease could be the cause of a person's long-term disability. This could make it difficult to meet the basic needs in life, especially if they are unable to work.

One of the most common work-related injuries

Every day, most residents in Florida spend their day at work. While this is a means to make a living, work is often more than that. A career can be a person's goal in life and a place he or she enjoys spending their time. Although the workplace provides a source of income for individuals, some employees do not consider how a work environment could impact them. In other words, the elements in the workplace could present some serious risks to employees, causing them harm or injury.