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September 2017 Archives

Social Security Administration has program for dementia sufferers

While getting older is of course inevitable, some elderly citizens are unfortunately afflicted with severe maladies. These sicknesses range from severe physical issues to debilitating mental conditions such as dementia. For those suffer dementia, maintaining a grasp on their finances, including Social Security, can be all but impossible. The Social Security Administration, however, has a program in place designed to assist those with dementia that few many know about.

Helping those in need seek SSD after a serious illness diagnosis

We do many things to better our health. Whether it is working out, eating healthy or going to the doctor for check-ups and treatment, we take these steps to avoid health issues. While these are excellent steps to implement in life, taking these measures does not always help individuals in Florida avoid major illnesses. Whether one is diagnosed with a terminal disease or acquired a disabling illness, it is important for individuals to understand their rights.

Seeking disability benefits for a mental condition

Not all disabilities are obvious and physical. Many individuals in Florida suffer from mental conditions, causing as almost invisible disability in some cases. Whether or not it is obvious that a person is suffering from a disability, this does not determine if that person is in fact disabled. Thus, many individuals with mental conditions are able to receive Social Security disability benefits, helping them meet their basic living needs that are hindered by their disability.

How can SSD benefits help children with special needs?

Caring for a child with special needs can be costly. Whether a child was diagnosed with a disability at birth or acquired during childhood, this situation is not only challenging for the child, but also their family. It is likely that accommodations will be required in their daily life. This could look like alterations to a home and a vehicle. This can also look like hiring a medical assistant, going through various medical treatments and daily medications.

SSA news: conditions added to Compassionate Allowances program

Hearing from a medical professional that you are diagnosed with a serious medical condition is life-altering news. Suddenly, your world pauses and you think about what this really means. Is there a cure? What medical procedures will I need to undergo? Will I be able to maintain my normal life? How will I afford medical treatment? While these questions can be daunting and stressful, obtaining benefits from Social Security disability can reduce them.

Inheritances could impact SSI eligibility

Whether it is because of an injury or an illness, living with a disability can be extremely challenging for individuals and families in Florida and elsewhere. Social Security disability can become very vital in these, being the only way an individual can meet his or her basic needs. The Social Security Administration provides SSDI benefits to those who have accumulated enough work credits. For those who do not have qualifying work credits, Supplemental Security Income may be available.

Do disability benefits impact the numbers in the workforce?

Suffering an injury is an unexpected event. In is also an event that could significantly alter the life of an accident victim in Florida and elsewhere. And just like individuals do not anticipate being injured in an automobile or work accident, individuals are not prepared to deal with the aftermath of the incident. For some victims, their injuries are significant, requiring much medical attention, rehabilitation and recovery. Because of this, some injuries are considered debilitating and prevent some from working.

Homeless women face issues when it comes to disability benefits

When we picture people with disabilities in Florida and nationwide, we typically think of people in wheelchairs or those requiring in-home care to get through the day. While these are examples of individuals living with disabilities, this doesn't fully capture this vulnerable population. In fact, many disabled individuals do not have access to the same health care as others, causing an even more challenging and burdensome predicament.