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July 2019 Archives

4 common warehouse safety hazards

You may be among the numerous people in Florida and across the country who work in a warehouse. You may not consider the work you complete ideal, and you may not have pictured yourself in this type of employment when you were younger. Nonetheless, you show up to work and do your best to complete your tasks as necessary.

Stay cool and prevent heat-related illnesses

Florida is hot, humid and extremely dangerous for the workers who have to be outside in the elements. Even though the local area is known for popular attractions and is a tourist destination, that doesn't mean that entertainers and workers can stand to be in the heat any longer than others. In fact, people who are expected to wear heavy costumes or to walk around amusement parks providing security may need more breaks than others.

Can you work while on Social Security Disability benefits?

Social Security Disability is an essential protection for those who are injured and unable to work. So long as you have enough credits paid into the Social Security Disability program, you can seek benefits if you suffer a disability that makes it impossible for you to work a job often enough to support yourself.