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July 2015 Archives

What are the requirements for SSD benefits for obesity?

The idea of seeking Social Security disability can arise for many reasons for people in Florida. One of those reasons is obesity. When trying to be approved for SSD benefits for obesity, it is important to understand how the Social Security Administration defines, views and evaluates this issue. Obesity is considered a chronic and complex disease whose characterization is based on accumulated body fat. There are numerous factors that go into obesity including behavioral, environmental and genetic issues. While the amount of calories a person takes in plays a part in obesity, the other issues are not to be ignored. The classification of a person as being obese depends on the person's body mass index (BMI).

Can my child receive SSD benefits for the mental disorder ADHD?

It can be difficult for parents in Florida to handle a child who might have Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD). In addition to the problems that the child will have functioning in society, there are the financial costs of seeking treatment. It is with this in mind that there is the option of seeking Social Security disability benefits for mental conditions. Understanding how the Social Security Administration defines ADHD is the first step to seeking benefits for this mental disorder.

Facts to remember when seeking Social Security disability

For those in Kissimmee who have an injury, illness or condition that prevents them from functioning normally or working, it might seem obvious that they are candidates to receive Social Security disability benefits. However, there are common mistakes that applicants make that lead to them being denied Social Security. Bearing certain facts in mind can help when pursuing benefits.

Can criminal charges affect my ability to receive SSD benefits?

People in Florida who are seeking Social Security disability come from various backgrounds and circumstances. Not everyone has a completely clean record when it comes to having been arrested or convicted. Understanding the Social Security Administration and the federal regulations is important when seeking benefits. Many are concerned that they will be denied Social Security if they have an arrest warrant, have been convicted of a crime or have violated parole or probation.

Can one receive SSD benefits for chronic heart failure?

People in Florida who are suffering from heart problems know how difficult it can be to function on a daily basis. The heart is so important to normal functioning that any kind of cardiac illness or condition can result in the inability to work and the need for help every day. It is with this in mind that a person might choose to seek Social Security disability benefits for illness. One particular issue that might make it necessary to file for SSD benefits is chronic heart failure.

Understanding federal regulations for disability due to addiction

While certain types of injuries, illnesses and disabilities often make it relatively clear-cut that the individuals in Florida suffering from such afflictions may seek Social Security disability benefits, there are often confusing gray areas. One such area centers around how a decision is made if the claimant is suffering from the aftermath of an addiction to drugs and alcohol.

Can I receive SSD benefits for blindness and what are the rules?

There are many reasons why a person in Kissimmee might be unable to work and will seek Social Security disability benefits. One issue that arises for a variety of reasons from illness to injury is blindness. Before applying for SSD benefits, it is important to understand the rules that are in place for those who are blind to receive benefits Supplemental Security Income (SSI) or Social Security Disability Insurance.

Receiving disability benefits for infants newborn to 1 year old

Parents in Kissimmee who have a child that appears to have some form of development problem might not realize that they could be eligible to receive Social Security disability benefits for mental conditions. The Social Security Administration has certain criteria in place for children, even those who are ranging in age from newborn to one-year-old. There are certain telltale signs that an infant might not be developing. If they are in evidence, it is possible to receive disability.

Is age an important consideration when seeking SSD benefits?

A common concern for people in Florida who believe they are eligible for Social Security disability benefits is whether or not their age will be a determinative factor in being approved or denied. According to the code of regulations, when it comes to age as a vocational factor, it is part of the process. When there is a disability filing, the age will be considered when it is combined with the residual functional capacity, work experience and education. Also factored in to a disability claim is the ability to adjust to a different kind of work. This will not be done simply based on the chronological age.