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March 2018 Archives

Why it is helpful to have an attorney help you apply for SSD

A previous post on this blog talked about how the recent federal budget proposal, which passed through Congress, offers some promise that the Social Security Administration will get additional funding that it can use to reduce the growing backlog of administrative appeals awaiting a hearing.

Qualifying for SSD benefits when you suffer from anxiety

Many disabilities cannot be seen with the naked eye. Although a person does not look disabled on the outside, this does not mean that they are not suffering from a disability on the inside. Mental conditions can be very challenging to live with. Some find it difficult to keep a job. The inability to work can be very hard on a person, making it impossible to meet their basic financial needs.

Budget gives some hope that backlog will be reduced

The recent budget measure that passed Congress may offer a glimmer of hope to Central Florida residents who have been waiting months or even years to get a hearing on their Social Security Disability benefits application so that they can get the money they need in order to survive financially despite having a serious illness or injury.

Generalized anxiety disorder is a serious mental health condition

A previous post on this blog talked about how our law office represents Kissimmee, Florida, residents, as well as those who live throughout Central Florida, in claiming Social Security Disability benefits for anxiety-related mental health conditions.

Women and SSDI benefits

Celebrating Women's History Month this month means looking at how far women have come over the past decades. However, it also means looking at what constraints and difficulties they still face. Are women afforded the same rights and benefits? And do they have access to the same programs as their counterparts?

Helping Florida residents with anxiety disorders

Suffering from an anxiety disorder is nothing like simply being a chronic worrier or having some stress in your life. The effects of an anxiety disorder can be debilitating and leave a Florida resident unable to go to work.

If I am hurt in a car accident, can I get disability benefits?

Many people in Tallahassee might not want to think about the fact that there is always a chance that the car trip they are about to take, even if it is a short commute to work, can end with a debilitating injury.

What is early onset dementia?

As individuals in Florida and elsewhere enter their elderly years, it is expected that memories will fade and it will be tougher to recall some memories. While this is common for the aging population, having memory issues is not common among younger individuals.

Where exactly are Social Security benefits going?

Each month, the Social Security Administration pays out over $80 billion in benefits to Americans who are eligible for one type of program or another. The vast majority of these dollars go to Social Security's retirement program. However, of the $80 billion a month that is being spent, $11 billion goes to pay disability benefits to people across the country, including in Central Florida, who qualify for them. Of this $11 billion, all but $600 million goes to disabled workers themselves. The remainder consists of small monthly payments made to spouses or children of the disabled workers.

Even a mild stroke can keep a person out of work

Many people in and around Tallahassee, Florida, suffer from a stroke or, at least, have certain risk factors that may lead them to have a stroke in the near future. On some occasions, a person can even have a stroke without even knowing it but may be at risk for a more serious stroke in the upcoming months and years.

Injuries to the spine can be debilitating

Many people in Kissimmee, Florida, know that a spinal cord injury of any kind is a serious affair. In many cases, these sorts of injuries leave a person unable to walk or, in the worst cases, unable even to move any muscle below their neck.

We advocate for you while seeking SSD benefits for injuries

When suffering a disabling injury prevents you from being able to work, you are likely aware of your options when it comes to seeking Social Security Disability benefits. If you believe that you qualify for these benefits and have evidence to prove it, many will just go ahead and apply. However, if applicants in Florida is not detailed enough or does not effectively prove that he or she is suffering form a qualifying disability, the claim could be denied.