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Case Conclusion Date: December 20, 2011

Practice Area: Personal Injury

Outcome: $8 million dollar settlement

Description: After 4 years of bitterly fought litigation and a three week jury trial, the insurance company finally recognized judgment day was approaching and agreed to pay an LLF client 8 million dollars the day before final arguments were set to be given to the jury. We are proud of the dedicated work it took to finally obtain justice for our client. LLF hired the top experts in the country and spent thousands of dollars of its own money battling the insurance company and their team of lawyers. Undaunted, LLF fought the fight that resulted in justice for our client.

Case Conclusion Date: December 14, 2012

Practice Area: Multimillion-Dollar Award

Outcome: Victory! Client will now receive well over one million dollars in benefits

Description: A window washer retained LLF to secure workers compensation benefits after he fell five stories at a condominium while washing windows in Sarasota, Florida. The compensation carrier denied the claim because his urine tested positive for cocaine metabolites. LLF retained a prominent toxicologist to testify the claimant was not impaired at the time of the accident. LLF tried the case in November 2012 and the Judge found the employer lied and awarded benefits to the claimant. The claimant will now receive well over a million dollars in benefits that should include: payment of lost wages for the rest of his life, professional and nonprofessional attendant care, a new home that is modified to comply with his disability, a van to provide transportation and all of the medical care he desperately needs to help retain some level of dignity. Justice indeed!

Case Conclusion Date: December 5, 2012

Practice Area: Workers Compensation

Outcome: $870,000.00 settlement

Description: Claimant was injured while unloading a truck. The insurance company fought tooth and nail to avoid paying this claimant his benefits. LLF was able to secure ADA compliant modifications to his home, secured a new van for transportation, increased payment of attendant care to his wife from 8 to 12 hours a day 7 days a week. LLF also secured Social Security Disability benefits and filed a personal injury action and secured a several million-dollar settlement on that separate case.

Case Conclusion Date: December 10, 2012

Practice Area: Personal Injury (Trip and Fall at Lowe’s)

Outcome: $59,000.00 Settlement

Description: Client tripped and fell on a wire that was used to secure several barbecue grills. Client sustained a contusion to her face and nonsurgical injury to her shoulder. LLF filed a lawsuit against Lowe’s and within a week of the date of service of the complaint, the Vice President of legal contacted attorney Chad Lawrence to resolve the case. Client is extremely happy with the fast results.

Case Conclusion Date: December 14, 2012

Practice Area: Personal Injury (Trip and Fall)

Outcome: $150,000.00 Settlement

Description: Client tripped and fell on metal bolts in a sidewalk that were used to secure a telephone booth at a gas station. The owner of the gas station did not remove the bolts from the sidewalk after the phone company went out of business and retrieved its phone booth. The client tripped on the bolts while he was trying to enter the property. The client sustained an aggravation to a preexisting injury to his right hand that had complex regional pain syndrome. Client had already been receiving treatment for the RSD or complex regional pain syndrome; however, LLF was able to convince the insurance company the RSD had been aggravated by the fall. Client is very pleased with the outcome, as several other law firms would not take the case because the condition preexisted the accident.

Case Conclusion Date: Pending

Practice Area: Workers Compensation/Personal Injury and SSDI

Outcome: Won claim for permanent total disability resulting in over a million dollars in benefits on March 30, 2011

Description: The client is a 34-year-old male who slipped and fell on a ramp at work. He suffered a severe injury to his left shoulder and accessory nerve resulting in focal dystonia. In addition his head struck the ramp causing a closed head injury. The workers compensation carrier refused to provide permanent total disability benefits believing he could work in some capacity. LLF hired experts who testified the claimant could never work again and on the date of the trial, the workers compensation carrier knew they were going to lose and agreed to pay the claimant permanent total disability for the rest of his life. This means he will get lost wage checks until the age of 62 and all of the medical care he needs to treat his condition. In addition, LLF sued the company that installed the ramp in a separate lawsuit. The personal injury claim is set for trial in February 2013. Last but not least, LLF also helped the claimant secure Social Security Disability benefits.

Case Conclusion Date: February 19, 2010

Practice Area: Car / Auto Accident

Outcome: $300,000.00 Policy Limits settlement

Description: An LLF client was injured while operating a tractor-trailer on US 27 in Pasco County, Florida. The defendant was operating a tractor-trailer and negligently loaded logs onto a logging trailer allowing the logs to extend beyond 10 feet from the rear of his trailer in violation of Florida Law. Both vehicles were stationed at a red light. The defendant was in a left turn lane waiting for the light to turn green. The LLF client was in the adjacent lane also waiting for the light to turn green at the same intersection. When the left turn arrow turned green, the defendant turned his vehicle and proceeded to complete his turn, however the logs on his trailer extended into the lane occupied by the LLF client and pierced the cab of his tractor. The logs entered the cabin and pinned the client against the steering wheel. The accident aggravated the client’s pre-existing back condition and he needed surgery. Liability and damages were vigorously defended, but after lengthy discovery, the insurance carrier agreed to tender their limits to avoid a bad faith claim in the event LLF received a verdict in excess of the policy limits.

Case Conclusion Date: February 19, 2010

Practice Area: Workers Compensation

Outcome: Six Figure Workers Comp and Personal injury Settlements

Description: LLF client was employed as a foreman working at a construction site on state highway 95 in Brevard County, Florida. A Canadian tourist stuck him with his car knocking him to the ground causing the need for a cervical spine fusion. We helped the client secure the surgery and sued the tourist in Canada for her personal injuries. We eventually settled both cases for well into the six figures (amount confidential).


After Three Hearings And A Trip To The Federal Court, Our Client Wins Her Long Fight For Benefits!

An LLF client was a 45 year old Hispanic female who suffered from a litany of physical problems, none of which in their individual capacity were severe enough to meet the listings under the Social Security Regulations. However, the combination of her physical problems caused her to suffer significant depression. The ALJ ignored the claimant’s nonexertional limitations and denied her claim. LLF appealed the decision and the case was remanded back for a second hearing. The same ALJ heard the case and decided to increase her residual functional capacity from sedentary to light in order to avoid the argument and facts supporting the contention she was functioning at a less than sedentary level, which would have qualified her for SSI benefits. Once again, he denied her claim. The Appeals Council affirmed the decision and LLF filed a federal lawsuit challenging the decision. The federal judge remanded the case for a third hearing under a different ALJ. The second ALJ finally agreed the claimant was functioning at a less than sedentary level and awarded her all of her back benefits. We are extremely proud of the results we obtained on behalf of our client. At the Lawrence Law Firm we fight to the bitter end for the rights of our clients!

54 Year Old Women Stricken With Cancer Wins Fast Tract Approval

A 54-year-old woman and her husband recently retained the Lawrence Law Firm. She had applied for Social Security Disability benefits because she had developed breast cancer. She was denied at the application level and retained our firm. We immediately went to work and obtained all of the medical documentation of her illness and contacted the adjudicator with all of the information clearly showing the claimant could not work in any capacity. The adjudicator agreed with our analysis and approved the claim without the necessity of a hearing. At the Lawrence Law Firm our goal is to secure your benefits as fast as possible and without delay. Call us at 800-920-9913.

41 Year Old With Brain Damage From Car Accident Wins 5 Year Fight For SSDI

The administrative law judge initially found this poor claimant disabled after a car accident and granted her past due benefits for two years. She then decided the claimant had recovered from her head injuries and denied the claim. This is called a closed period of benefits. The claimant was rendered homeless as a result of the judge’s decision and legal aide eventually referred the client to LLF. LLF took on the fight and appealed her decision. The Appeals Counsel agreed with our arguments and remanded the case back to the same judge. LLF referred the claimant to the Florida Department of Vocational Rehabilitation for an evaluation. The claimant was then sent out for a neuropsychological evaluation to see if her head injuries had improved. The results proved her cognitive dysfunction still prevented her from working. LLF then subpoenaed the psychiatrist to appear live at the hearing –something that is very rarely done, but this judge would have ruled against the claimant again had we not done so. The judge cross examined the expert, but ultimately agreed with his conclusions and found the claimant disabled. The claimant will no longer be homeless and she will now get the medical care she needs. We are extremely proud of this result.

43 Year Old Man With Diverticulitis And Severe Depression Wins SSDI Award

Claimant is a 43-year-old man with diverticulitis. He experienced complications associated with his condition that caused him to utilize a colostomy bag. In addition, he suffered from severe depression associated with his condition. Chadwick Lawrence tried the case before an Administrative Law Judge and the court found the claimant disabled.

47 Year Old Woman With Reflex Sympathy Dystrophy Wins Back Her SSI Payments After A Trip To Federal Court And Remand To A New Judge

This nice lady was stricken with Reflex Sympathy Dystrophy (RSD) after a work related injury. RSD is one of the most painful conditions anyone can acquire. The claimant was initially granted SSI, but because of a small inheritance, she no longer qualified for the benefits until she depleted her assets. She then reapplied and was denied! LLF took the case to a hearing and the judge denied her claim. LLF then appealed her case and filed a lawsuit in federal court to restore her benefits. The federal judge agreed with LLF ‘s position and sent the case back for a new hearing by a different judge. The new judge awarded the claimant benefits and back pay.

Crohn’s Disease Victory-5 Years Of Back Pay Awarded To 42 Year Old Lady

It took three hearings and three different administrative law judges to secure a 42-yearold lady with severe Crohn’s Disease her benefits. The case was presented to an Administrative Law for the first time in February 2006. He denied the claim and my law firm appealed his decision. The appeals counsel sent it back for a second hearing with a different Administrative Law Judge. The judge also ruled against the claimant. Once again, the Lawrence Law Firm appealed the decision. This time the Appeals Counsel agreed with the second Administrative Law Judge and declined to extend any benefits to our client. The Lawrence Law Firm then filed a federal court action and won. The case was sent back to a third Administrative Law Judge. This time the Chief Judge heard the case. At the conclusion of the hearing the judge announced the claimant had won. At the Lawrence Law Firm we fight until we win!

Date Last Insured Victory! Four Years Of Back Awarded

58 year old woman hadn’t worked since early 2000. Her date last insured was 12/31/2005. Nobody would take her case. Attorney Chadwick Lawrence contacted the claimant’s treating physicians and obtained medical opinion testimony advising the ALJ the claimant was disabled as a result of severe osteoporosis, back pain, knee pain, severe diabetic neuropathy in both feet and depression. The current medical clearly indicated she was disabled; however, the medical information prior to 12/31/2005 was inconclusive. Consequently, medical opinion testimony was necessary to effectuate a fully favorable decision. The claimant is very happy.

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