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August 2019 Archives

Getting back to work after a work accident may not be easy

Did you suffer an injury in a work accident that required you take time off to recover? If so, you are probably also dealing with extensive pain, medical bills and other complications that affected multiple areas of your life. Even so, after a long period of recovery, you may be finally ready to return to work.

UPS workers speak out after suffering heat-related illnesses

Working in the heat is a problem for many workers. The sun is beating down, and exertion only puts more strain on your body. Combined with humidity and the inability to sweat to cool down, many people suffer from heat stroke and other heat-related illnesses in the summer months.

Will you qualify for Social Security Disability?

Social Security Disability (SSD) benefits can be a blessing for those who have been hurt and are struggling to make ends meet. It provides cash benefits that allow recipients to survive and pay bills while they focus on recovering or living as well as they can despite their circumstances.