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November 2014 Archives

Report claims some judges approve too many SSD benefits claims

A report by the Office of Inspector General for the Social Security Administration concludes that 44 judges approved an usual amount of disability claims - much higher than normal. According to the report, these rate of approval for the judges in question was around 85 percent for disability benefits they ruled on at least two years out of the last seven. These 44 administrative judges are about 4 percent of the total group of judges who hear Social Security cases.

Pursuing Social Security Disability benefits for Florida children

Parents of disabled children in Florida face a lot of challenges. One of the major challenges is financial. Caring for a child with a disability can involve significant expenses for doctor and hospital visits, medication, therapy and rehabilitation. Health insurance may not cover these expenses in full, if at all.

Requirements for filing a claim for Social Security Disability

Suffering a disability can be very life impacting. Whether an individual is born with a disability or it occurred because of an accident, the ability to receive Social Security benefits could really impact the future of the individual and their family. Receiving this type of benefit often means not worrying about issues such as finances. This is especially important for those unable to work due to their disability. Because Social Security benefits could help those temporarily or permanently disabled, it is important to understand the social security requirements.

Social Security Administration examines SSD claims

Filing for Social Security benefits is often a major step in an individual's life in Florida. Obtaining this benefit could mean the ability to make ends meet while they receive treatment for the disability they were either born with or suffered recently in an accident. In order to receive these benefits, the Social Security Administration must approve them, but if these claims are not decided properly, applicants who are generally not eligible could be awarded these benefits, causing other to be denied.

Understanding Social Security disability claims

Suffering a physical or mental disability could affect the lives of individuals and families. The impact of these disabilities could also prevent them form working. Our firm understands the importance of taking action and seeking Social Security disability for these matters. Obtaining these benefits could allow individuals and families in Florida to move forward and past the incidents that caused these disabilities and provide them with the opportunity to life their life without the burdens the disability has caused them.

Can I receive SSD benefits for IBD?

While there are many qualifying SSD benefits for illness that are obvious, there are times when people suffering from certain medical issues are unaware that they meet the criteria of qualifying SSD benefits for illness. They might be under the impression that there's no point in trying because the result is clear and it will be a denied claim. However, those suffering from inflammatory bowel disease can receive SSD benefits according to federal regulations.

How do I receive Social Security disability for mental illness?

A common issue afflicting people in Kissimmee is mental illness. Since the problems a person might be having don't show up on an X-ray or CAT scan, they're often dismissed as in their heads. They are, but not in the derogatory way that is often meant. Mental conditions are real and affective disorders have certain criteria for the person suffering from it to receive Social Security disability benefits for mental conditions. Knowing these criteria before filing can be the key to receiving approval.

Understanding mental conditions that may qualify for disability

Social Security Disability benefits may be available for both physical and mental medical conditions. In general, qualifying for SSD benefits requires that the applicant suffers from a medical condition that is expected to continue 12 months or longer or result in death. In addition, the medical condition must be severe enough that the applicant is prevented from working and earning and income because of it. The work history of the applicant is also be taken into account when applying for SSD benefits, however, if the applicant is low income but does not have sufficient work history, that may not be the end of the story. Additional options, such as through Supplemental Security Income (SSI) benefits, may be available to applicants in the latter situation.