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Cyclists want more protections in place in Florida

In an unusual story out of Orlando, cyclists have claimed that motorists are challenging them with intentional close calls known as "punishment passes." These close calls are used as a kind of threat, encouraging cyclists to stay off the roads.

One cyclist said that she has had cigarettes thrown at her, been hit while training for a triathlon and even had to avoid people throwing beer bottles at her. She believes that the minor inconvenience of waiting for a cyclist turns into the need to rush, which makes some drivers more aggressive.

Workers' compensation is for your benefit: Seek it out

Workers' compensation can help with many different situations. Whether you hurt your eyes while working or have chemical burns from a spill on the job, you deserve to be protected through this coverage. Workers' compensation helps you by providing you with coverage for medical care, a portion of your lost wages and more.

One of the on-the-job injuries that you may have suffered is a repetitive strain injury. A repetitive strain injury occurs when you make the same movements over and over again. After doing this for many hours or days, an injury can develop.

Suffering from PTSD? You may qualify for disability benefits

The men and women who serve in the military provide a great service to the United States. However, they often experience things that can be traumatic and painful during their time in service, coming home with both physical and emotional scars. In some cases, the mental and emotional impact of a traumatic event can keep a former Florida servicemember from working in another capacity.

If you or a loved one served in the military, you know how difficult the acclimation to civilian life can be. For some, the transition is impossible for mental health reasons. This may keep a person from holding any type of employment that would provide a reasonable income and standard of living. For people who are experiencing this, it may be possible to apply for disability benefits through the Social Security Administration.

Denny's workers test positive for Hepatitis A in Kissimmee

When you go out to eat, you expect the food to be of a high quality and for it to be safe. You don't want to find out that you're expected to get a hepatitis A vaccine because of workers who may have contaminated the food.

Unfortunately, that's what happened in Kissimmee, Florida, at a local Denny's restaurant. Health officials are now urging patrons of the restaurant to get vaccinated.

Your Social Security Disability denial letter isn't the end

If you've been unable to work because of a disability, you may be interested in filing for Social Security Disability (SSD) benefits. These benefits can help you bring in an income while you're focused on your own health needs.

It's not always easy to qualify for SSD. Here's a little more about this important benefit.

Worker electrocuted and in life-threatening condition in Florida

Workers' compensation is designed to be used by those who are hurt on the job. Whether you're injured as a result of another person's negligent actions or you accidentally hurt yourself, you can still file a claim.

Workers' compensation may cover accidents like this one in which a construction worker was critically injured when he was involved in an electrical accident.

Get compensated if you've suffered an acute brain injury

It's the reality that many people with brain injuries suffer from long-term consequences. They may have mood swings, impaired language skills, a higher risk of seizures or strokes and many other issues to deal with on a daily basis.

Since these injuries are relatively unpredictable, it's hard to say how long you'll be affected if you suffer from a blow to the head. A moderate or severe injury could cause significant trouble for you in the future, which is why it's so important to work with your attorney to get the compensation you need for ongoing care.

Falls on stairs may be the fault of the property owner

In most cases, when you are in a public place, you may have access to an elevator or escalator to get to a different floor. However, you may prefer to take the stairs for health reasons or because it is more convenient than trying to find an elevator. Unfortunately, if the owner of the Florida building you are visiting does not take proper precautions for your safety, you may end up with serious injuries from a fall on the stairs.

Walking up stairs is something we learn to do at an early age, and it becomes second nature to us. If the design of the stairs follows the acceptable standard for safety, you may be able to make the climb without watching every step. However, poor design may not be the only hazard you face from a negligent property owner.

Workers' compensation rates may drop in Florida

Workers' compensation is purchased by employers. It's a form of insurance coverage that makes sure that you can receive benefits if you are hurt on the job. For the most part, employers are required to have this insurance.

Not all employers purchase workers' compensation insurance, though. It may be a result of being unable to afford it or willfully refusing to purchase it. What that means, though, is that workers could be forced to go without insurance if they're hurt. That would force them to sue their employers.

What information do you need to seek disability benefits?

Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) benefits are a necessity in America. They're there to cover the needs of those who are injured, have a disability or a severe illness that is expected to last a year or longer or result in death. There is a very strict definition of a disability based on federal law, which makes it challenging to obtain SSDI benefits.

To start with, if you plan on filing an application for SSDI benefits, you will need to collect some information for the Social Security Administration (SSA). This information includes your:

  • Birth certificate
  • Social Security number
  • Medical records for therapists, doctors, clinics, caseworkers and others who have worked with you on this specific injury
  • Test and laboratory results
  • Copies of your most recent W-2 forms. If you're self-employed, then you'll need your previous year's tax return
  • Dosages and names for all the medications you take
  • A summary describing where you worked and what kind of work you did there