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Follow these steps after suffering an injury on the job

No one wants to spend an extended amount of time out of work because of an injury. This means the employee will need to file for workers' compensation and very likely could have trouble paying the bills. No one is immune to suffering an injury on the job in Kissimmee, Florida. That's why you need to know the steps you should take following an injury.

The very first thing you should do is actually a combination of things. You need to seek medical attention and you need to report the injury to a supervisor. The longer you wait to report the injury, the more difficult it might be to obtain workers' compensation benefits.

Expenses covered by workers' compensation benefits

Suffering an injury on the job in Kissimmee, Florida, can be devastating to your career. If the injury is serious enough, you could wind up out of work for the rest of your life due to permanent disability. If the injury is not too serious, you could still miss time at work. Either way, you will need to file for workers' compensation if you don't want the bills to pile up while out of work.

The payments made to injured workers through workers' compensation are typically modest. This means that they aren't enough to cover all of your monthly expenses but they can still help defray the costs of your bills while out of a job. The benefits paid are usually used by recipients to help pay for medical bills or other health care while out on injury leave. This can include surgery, doctor visits, tests and more.

What can I expect from my workers' compensation claim?

If you suffered an injury in the workplace, you understand how overwhelming the aftermath can be. From unexpected medical bills to the possibility of being unable to return to the same job, you know it is important to take immediate action to protect your rights and interests.

As a Florida employee who was hurt in an on-the-job accident or suffering due to an occupational illness, you could have a rightful claim to workers' compensation benefits. It is prudent to learn more about these benefits and what you can expect if you file a claim. Many applicants also find it helpful to seek help as they pursue their rightful benefits.

Did you lose your hearing due to occupational noise?

Does your job here in Florida expose you to high levels of noise on a consistent basis? If so, you may now find that you have lost all, or at least a significant amount, of your hearing. Losing your hearing can be frightening, and among other things, you may wonder how you will support yourself and your family if you can't work due to your hearing loss.

Even though the Americans with Disabilities Act should provide you with the opportunity to find gainful employment despite your disability, the fact remains that obtaining gainful employment may be close to impossible for you now. In addition, any job you do find may pay you less than your non-hearing impaired counterparts. You decide to pursue Social Security Disability benefits, but you are not even sure if your condition qualifies you to receive such benefits.

What if Social Security says they are cutting my benefits?

As previous posts here have mentioned, it can be a difficult process for residents of Central Florida to get disability benefits from the Social Security Administration, even if they have a bona fide illness or injury. The obstacles with getting these benefits are one reason why many Florida residents seek out the assistance of a Social Security attorney when filing their disability claim or appealing a denial of their claim.

Unfortunately, getting benefits is, to some extent, the first step in an ongoing process, as the Social Security Administration monitors those who are already receiving benefits to make sure that they continue to be eligible for those benefits. If the SSA discovers that a person might not be eligible, then it may decide to cut a person's disability benefits.

How much will a cancer pay in out-of-pocket costs?

Even if he or she has quality health insurance, a typical cancer patient is going to have to shell out some big bucks each year just to get the treatment he or she needs.

According to a relatively recent report, on average, a patient who has an employer-sponsored health plan will pay $6,000 a year out-of-pocket in order to keep up with their cancer treatments. A patient who had to get health insurance through the private market will pay about $10,000 a year. It is important to remember, though, that if a patient has to go out of his or her approved health network to get the treatment he or she needs, then these numbers go up significantly.

Seeking SSD benefits for a debilitating injury

We have all heard the phrase "accidents happen." When we think about it, we often think of a simple trip, fall or bump. We don't think of severe and tragic incidents that could completely alter the life of the victim. These accidents we never believe will happen, and when they do, we often do not know what to do about them. While medical treatment is the obvious first step, what can Florida residents do when they are no longer able to work after suffering serious and debilitating injuries in an accident?

The answer in these matters is to apply for Social Security Disability benefits, but this is not a simple and straightforward process. Due to current media coverage, disabled individuals in Florida and elsewhere understand that many applications are initially denied. This can hinder some from applying for these benefits right away. With a backlog that could make the wait over a year, many are concerned that they may not recover these necessary benefits in time to make a big difference.

Review of workers' compensation and SSD benefits

Although previous posts here have covered the topic, it is helpful for injured workers in and around Kissimmee, Florida, to be reminded that there may be other options available to them above and beyond workers' compensation benefits. As is the case in other states, when someone suffers from a crippling injury at work, that person can get workers' compensation in order to pay off medical bills and cover some lost wages. However, workers' compensation will rarely cover all of a Florida victim's bills and lost income.

If the victim is otherwise eligible, that person can choose to file a claim for disability benefits through the Social Security Administration. These benefits can offer a Florida resident an additional steady supply of income that they may well need in order to pay off their bills and still meet their basic needs.

Why it is helpful to have an attorney help you apply for SSD

A previous post on this blog talked about how the recent federal budget proposal, which passed through Congress, offers some promise that the Social Security Administration will get additional funding that it can use to reduce the growing backlog of administrative appeals awaiting a hearing.

However, the fact that some relief may be in sight, it does not mean that getting a claim denied and then having to appeal that denial is ideal.

Qualifying for SSD benefits when you suffer from anxiety

Many disabilities cannot be seen with the naked eye. Although a person does not look disabled on the outside, this does not mean that they are not suffering from a disability on the inside. Mental conditions can be very challenging to live with. Some find it difficult to keep a job. The inability to work can be very hard on a person, making it impossible to meet their basic financial needs.

The SSA has provided programs for individuals to obtain disability benefits. SSD benefits can be necessary, but the application process can seem intimating. For those suffering from anxiety or obsessive-compulsive disorder, it is possible to recover SSD benefits for these conditions if the definition of the disability is met.