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Living with an amputation: Getting used to the changes in life

Severe injuries change your life in an instant. One moment, you may be thinking about a vacation or planning an important event in your life. The next, you could be waking up in a hospital following a traumatic collision.

Of the injuries that you could suffer, one of the more serious is an amputation. An amputation may be necessary if a bone shatters beyond repair or if crushing injuries damage the limb too badly to fix the damage.

Working on a hot day? Be wary of the signs of heat stroke

Working in Florida, you know that there is a risk that you'll be out in hot weather. It might be humid, too, which means that it will be harder for your body to sweat and cool itself.

While working, one thing that you and your coworkers should all be aware of is the risk of heat stroke. Heat stroke, which is also called sun stroke, can lead to serious, life-threatening symptoms such as:

  • Confusion
  • High body temperature
  • An absence of sweating
  • Coma
  • Agitation
  • Dehydration

New warehouse expectations bring new safety issues

Working in a Florida warehouse or distribution center is often a fast-paced, exciting and financially rewarding experience. Whether you go home exhausted at the end of a shift or find the physical and mental work exhilarating, you probably feel some job security as e-commerce booms. In fact, you may feel relieved to see some of the more modern equipment designed to help make your job more efficient.

Unfortunately, modern warehouse technology is not making your job safer. In fact, the rate of warehouse injuries now matches that of agricultural accidents, one of the most dangerous industries in the country. Being aware of the potential injuries you face and where to turn if you suffer an injury are even more important in today's warehouse.

Can seat belt use lead to injuries in a crash?

When you get into a car, one thing that you should do is put on your seat belt. Using a seat belt can reduce the risk of injuries or death in a car crash. There is no question that they've made it safer to ride in a car.

Unfortunately, there is a risk that you could be injured by a seat belt, too. Seat belts cause injuries that can range from neck and spine injuries to injuries to the aorta or supra-aortic arteries. Intra-abdominal injuries are possible, leading to pain and potential organ involvement. It's possible for seat belt use to lead to small bowel perforations, bleeding in the abdomen and other serious injuries.

Social Security Disability: A confusing application or appeal

Social Security Disability and Supplemental Security Income can both be fantastic ways to support yourself if you're living with a disability. Social Security Disability Insurance covers you if you've become disabled after you worked long enough and paid enough in Social Security taxes. On the other hand, Supplemental Security Income is designed to provide benefits to people who become disabled before they can do so.

The Social Security Administration has a benefits eligibility screening tool that you can use to see if you qualify for benefits, but this isn't always accurate. Your attorney can work with you directly to determine if you could qualify for one of these programs. If you have applied and been denied the benefits that you were hoping to receive, then you attorney can assist you with your appeal and make sure that you supply the correct information on your forms.

4 family members die in tragic fatal collision in Kissimmee

Fatal car crashes are devastating when they involve a single person, but could you imagine if multiple members of your family had been involved? That's what happened in this tragic incident in Florida. According to a news report from late February, four members of a family from Massachusetts were struck and killed in a four-car crash in Kissimmee.

The Florida Highway Patrol stated that the collision took the lives of a 76-year-old woman, 41 year old woman and 5-year-old child as well as an 11-year-old child who initially was taken to the hospital in critical condition. The collision took place at around 5:30 p.m., when a pickup truck slammed into the rear of the family's van. That resulted in the van overturning.

If you're injured on the job, you deserve to make a claim

As a worker who regularly goes to different sites to do your job, you're always meeting new people and doing interesting tasks. Unfortunately, this exposure can mean that you are put in harm's way often. From potential crashes while driving to a job site to the risk of being bitten by a client's pet, you're always facing challenges.

It's important for you to know that you are still covered by workers' compensation when you're completing work away from your traditional job site. For example, if you're traveling for a mobile car seller and are injured while on the clock, your employer should still be held liable for the injuries that you've suffered and help you seek workers' compensation.

Windy outside? Keep these tips in mind

If you're working in poor weather, there is a risk that you could suffer an injury. One of the things you need to watch out for is wind.

Wind might not seem like it's particularly dangerous, but it definitely can cause some problems for workers. It can cause ladders to tip over, items to fall from scaffolding and even knock someone off balance.

Know what to expect at your disability hearing

If you applied for disability benefits, it is because you are not able to earn a gainful living due to a mental or physical disability. You need these benefits to support yourself and pay for things you need, and it can be devastating when your claim comes back denied. This is common for initial applications, and there are certain levels of appeals that allow you to continue your pursuit of benefits from the Social Security Administration.

The first thing you can do after this denial is seek a reconsideration of your application. This means you can ask the SSA to consider your case again in light of additional documentation and other information you may include. If this level of appeals is not successful, you can request a disability hearing. This allows you to bring your case before a judge, present evidence that supports your claims of disability and even supply witness accounts that verify your condition.

3 hurt in crash involving red car, police cruiser

When you hear sirens, it's important for you to pull over or get out of the way of the emergency vehicle headed your way. In some cases, emergency vehicles don't put on their sirens to avoid being detected, such as when police officers respond to a sensitive call. The situation may arise where a driver is trying to turn and strikes officers on the way to a call. Who's to blame? It truly can depend on the specifics, such as if the officers used their cruiser's sirens and lights or if the vehicle was moving without them and with the flow of traffic.

Here's a good example of a case where it's not clear who's at fault, but both vehicles were damaged and contained injured victims inside. The crash, which happened on South Kirkman Road, took place just before 1:00 p.m. It was then that two officers were responding to a criminal offense allegedly in progress.