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A brain hemorrhage requires treatment to prevent more damage

You were working as a reporter when you went into a hazardous situation to start a live feed. You were on camera when a pole that was beside you blew over. Within seconds, you were hit, and you had a gash on your head.

Initially, you thought you were okay. You finished the newscast and went back to your vehicle. As your coworker drove you back to the studio, you felt unwell. The next thing you knew, you were waking up in the hospital.

Would you know if you suffered a closed head injury?

Whether you were in a motor vehicle accident, a work-related accident or some other calamity, you may have felt lucky to walk away relatively unscathed. Perhaps you had no outer signs of injury, so you counted your blessings and went home.

Unfortunately, several injuries may not show signs until later, and by then, your life could be in jeopardy. For instance, if you hit your head but didn't think it was serious, you could find out later that you were more seriously injured than you thought at first.

When are property owners liable for alligator attacks?

One of the things Florida is known for -- for better or worse -- is alligators. People who want to see them can head to one of the "gator parks" or other zoological parks in the state. They have plenty of safety measures in place to keep people and the alligators safe.

What if you're on a property where you weren't expecting an alligator? Alligators don't know property lines. They might swim into a property without anyone noticing until it's too late to avoid an attack. It happened four years ago this summer at Disney World, with tragic consequences. Alligators were regularly removed from the Disney properties, but new ones swam in to a beach area. Disney has since increased its fencing and added more warning signs in the area.

Why is it so hard to get Social Security Disability?

Social Security Disability is often misunderstood. It's an important protection for people who have worked and earned these benefits. The program is designed to cover disabled workers, as well as their dependents, and to make sure they have the income they need after a serious injury.

When an injury results in a long-term disability, there are lots of things that will change in a person's life. One of the most significant changes is the loss in income that the person will suddenly see. The Social Security Disability benefits system is meant to make it easier on those with disabilities by providing them with a portion of their lost income.

Hurt at work? Here's what to do next

When you get hurt at work, something you'll want to do is to file a workers' compensation claim. A workers' compensation claim has to go through a specific process for it to be reviewed and paid out.

Initially, when you're hurt at work, you should let your employer know immediately. Then, your employer should give you any paperwork you need. They should also be willing to help you with filing the claim if you need assistance. You can do this after you get hurt if you require emergency care, or you can speak with your employer before seeing medical attention if you're able.

Who's responsible if you fall on a restaurant's pavement?

Getting hurt is no one's idea of a good time, but it's even worse when you're hurt on vacation. You were planning to go to several theme parks and to enjoy your time, but you tripped over broken paving stones at a local restaurant and ended up needing surgery on your knee as a result.

In just a few hours from the time of your arrival, you managed to land yourself in the hospital and build up a substantial medical bill. This all happened because that restaurant hadn't managed to keep its walkway in good shape. Your partner went back and took photos, letting the owner know that you intended to make a claim because of your injuries.

Car crash kills 1, injures several on Florida Turnpike

When a driver isn't paying close attention to the road or makes a mistake, their error could quickly cause a serious crash. Unfortunately, passengers are often injured in these crashes. Sometimes, they pass away.

Take, for example, a case out of Florida from June 23 in which an elderly woman was killed. A three-car crash on the Florida Turnpike took the woman's life when the driver of a van with three people inside didn't slow down or yield to traffic. The van hit the rear-end of a second van that had a woman and two children inside. A third vehicle, a pickup truck, was also involved.

Summer is back. Are you drinking enough water while you work?

Temperatures here in Kissimmee are back to summer levels. After being indoors for some time, the heat could shock your system when you start getting out again, especially if you work outdoors. When summer weather hits, your employer has an obligation to help you avoid heat-related illnesses, such as dehydration.

Even so, your employer's effort may be woefully inadequate or just not enough for the conditions under which you work. You will need to monitor yourself to make sure that you do not suffer from dehydration, which could have numerous health consequences that could cause you harm.

When you fall at work, you may be entitled to support

You've always loved your job, but there are risks involved. You're often working high above the earth, which can be dangerous. You use safety equipment, but if you were to fall, the likelihood is that you'd be badly hurt.

It was an unfortunate day when the worst finally came to pass. As you walked up several flights of newly finished stairs in a construction project, one of them broke. The wood must have been bad. Regardless of the cause, you ended up falling backward and down the stairs.

Can an asthmatic get Social Security Disability?

Many people in America have asthma. On the whole, they go about their day-to-day lives normally, taking medications when they need them. Some people, though, have much more serious cases than others.

In the most severe cases, people with asthma may be able to seek Social Security Disability benefits. Generally, asthma attacks will only qualify a claimant for disability if they last for a day at a time or longer and are severe enough to require intensive care support.