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Recognize heatstroke and save a life

Workers' compensation is an excellent tool for protecting workers who are hurt on the job. Whether it's someone working for a company like Disney or an individual working for a construction team, the majority of workers should have access to workers' compensation in the case of injuries.

One injury that is particularly common in Florida is heatstroke. This is something that's smart to discuss with your employer and co-workers because it has the potential to lead to death. Heatstroke has many signs and symptoms long before it become deadly, so with good training, lives can be saved.

Bus collision involving 75 school children causes injuries

When you send your children to school, you don't expect them to get hurt as a result of their bus driver's behavior. You hope that all the drivers have been trained to be cautious, especially with children on board. A Jan. 7 report in Kissimmee shows just show dangerous riding to school or using a bus for a field trip can be, though.

According to the news, two school buses carrying 75 students ended up colliding with each other in Osceola County. Both buses were from the same school district and came from Tohopekaliga High School.

Stay safe with the right personal protective equipment

Construction accidents can happen at almost any worksite, from one where the team is working together to where one person has been working hard on their own. The way to prevent these accidents is to make sure that anyone working on a project has others around to help and knows the safety steps required to stay safe. Unfortunately, not all people do know the best ways to stay safe on the job and can get hurt.

Some common construction injuries that take place include:

  • Injuries to the eyes
  • Injuries to the fingers, such as amputation or lacerations
  • Injuries to the toes from dropping objects
  • Head injuries

Seek help for your denied Social Security Disability application

Social Security Disability (SSD) is a kind of benefit that helps those who have become disabled at work or as a result of other causes. This form of benefit requires you to qualify for it before it can be paid out to you.

This is the hard part about seeking Social Security Disability. Even with all the medical documents you have, a thorough application and other information, the application you fill out could still be denied.

Green construction can come with benefits and hazards for workers

The construction industry is not likely one that will come to an end any time soon, and as a construction worker, you likely appreciate that idea. As areas across Florida and the country continue to change, new buildings pop up, older structures get renovations and various other construction projects take place. Though the industry may remain a constant for the foreseeable future, the ways in which construction takes place is changing.

These days, being environmentally friendly and conscious of the impacts certain materials and building methods can have on the environment is important. As a result, many people and companies are adopting green construction methods for their projects. While these methods may benefit the environment, it does have its pros and cons when it comes to your safety as a construction worker.

Yes, you should file a claim after you get hurt by another person

No one wants to become a victim of a personal injury. Injuries, whether they're serious or not, are a real frustration. They impact the things you want to do and the arrangements you have in the future.

A serious personal injury is something that most people don't plan for. Whether it's a broken leg from a car crash or a brain injury that impacts your ability to speak clearly, your injury could have a significant impact on your life. For that reason, it's always important for you to assert your rights and to get the compensation that you deserve following an accident.

What happens if an employer doesn't have workers' compensation?

When you're hurt on the job, you should be able to rely on workers' compensation. This coverage is generally carried by employers so that their employees have health care coverage and certain benefits open to them if they get hurt while at work.

The trouble happens when an employer doesn't carry the appropriate insurance coverage. If that happens, you'll have two primary options. One is to file a workers' compensation claim with the uninsured employer's fund. Another is to file a personal injury lawsuit against your employer.

Cyclists want more protections in place in Florida

In an unusual story out of Orlando, cyclists have claimed that motorists are challenging them with intentional close calls known as "punishment passes." These close calls are used as a kind of threat, encouraging cyclists to stay off the roads.

One cyclist said that she has had cigarettes thrown at her, been hit while training for a triathlon and even had to avoid people throwing beer bottles at her. She believes that the minor inconvenience of waiting for a cyclist turns into the need to rush, which makes some drivers more aggressive.

Workers' compensation is for your benefit: Seek it out

Workers' compensation can help with many different situations. Whether you hurt your eyes while working or have chemical burns from a spill on the job, you deserve to be protected through this coverage. Workers' compensation helps you by providing you with coverage for medical care, a portion of your lost wages and more.

One of the on-the-job injuries that you may have suffered is a repetitive strain injury. A repetitive strain injury occurs when you make the same movements over and over again. After doing this for many hours or days, an injury can develop.

Suffering from PTSD? You may qualify for disability benefits

The men and women who serve in the military provide a great service to the United States. However, they often experience things that can be traumatic and painful during their time in service, coming home with both physical and emotional scars. In some cases, the mental and emotional impact of a traumatic event can keep a former Florida servicemember from working in another capacity.

If you or a loved one served in the military, you know how difficult the acclimation to civilian life can be. For some, the transition is impossible for mental health reasons. This may keep a person from holding any type of employment that would provide a reasonable income and standard of living. For people who are experiencing this, it may be possible to apply for disability benefits through the Social Security Administration.