Common workplace injuries to watch out for

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Accidents can happen in all kinds of Florida workplaces, to all kinds of workers.Knowing the risks is part of staying safe.

It’s also a good idea to know about common injuries in order to prevent them from happening.

Recognize the various kinds of injuries workers can suffer

The National Safety Council provides information about workplace injuries. It found that inrecent years there has been a notable increase in workers being exposed to harmful substances and environments. This can stem from chemicals, heat, electricity, pressure changes and infectious diseases.

Many workers suffer injuries when they overexert themselves. When lifting items, they may injure their backs, pull muscles or tear tendons. Pushing can cause similar damage and strains.

In fact, any type of exertion can lead to injury. This is the reason physically challenging jobs like construction and warehouse work cause so many injuries. These injuries can be sudden or cumulative.

Even jobs in which a worker is doing the same light movements over and over can cause injuries. People who are typing a lot can suffer from carpal tunnel syndrome from repeated keystrokes. This injury can be as painful and long-lasting as one that is more obvious to the naked eye.

Workers also commonly suffer injuries from slipping, tripping and falling. This too can happen in any type of job, physically taxing or not. Simply walking from an office to a meeting room and stepping on a wet spot can lead to a fall and broken bones, head injuries and worse. Workers who need to climb ladders can also fall. Those who are in construction and are stationed at a great height can fall far below.

Another serious type of workplace accident involves being hit with an object, equipment or a vehicle. Workers who are high above might drop a tool on an unsuspecting worker below. This can lead to extensive injuries. Auto accidents are an obvious problem for those who drive for a living or are stationed in the road as is the case with law enforcement, first responders and maintenance workers.

Workers’ compensation benefits might be needed

Although workplace injuries can happen to anyone, the types of injuries as discussed are common workers who are in construction, trucking, warehouse jobs, delivery work and other forms of arduous labor. Losing time on the job not only results in medical costs and rehabilitation, but the injured workers will lose income while they are unable to continue working.

Some injuries can be treated so the worker can get back to the same job they did before. Other people are not so fortunate and they need to cover their lost income and the medical care they are getting. The workers’ compensation process can be complicated with claims denied or disputes as to the severity of the injuries and how long the person should be off the job.

Depending on the circumstances, workers can get temporary benefits or permanent benefits. In these instances, people must be prepared for their case, gather all the necessary evidence, follow the medical instructions and file their claim in a timely manner. Being up to date on how to proceed with a workers’ compensation case and maximizing the benefits is key from the beginning.


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