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February 2016 Archives

Understanding COPD and seeking SSD benefits for it

People in Florida who are suffering from illnesses that render them unable to work should know that they can seek and be approved for Social Security disability benefits for illness if they meet the necessary criteria. One specific illness that can result in an approval for SSD benefits is chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, also known as COPD. COPD has become a frequent topic of advertisement, but still might not be fully understood even by those who have it. Some people might not even know they're suffering from it.

SSD benefits may be available to rotator cuff injury sufferers

Many Floridians work in jobs where they perform the motion over and over again. The work itself can be monotonous, but these jobs can also be well-paying, providing an individual and his or her family with the financial stability they need. However, the human body is a fragile thing, and repetitive motion can lead to significant injuries. When this happens, an individual's entire life can be turned upside down, especially when the injury leaves an individual unable to work and earn the wages on which he or she and his or her family expect.

The Listing of Impairments: what disability claimants should know

People in Kissimmee who are suffering from an illness, injury or condition and believe that they meet the medical requirements for Social Security disability should take the time to understand the Listing of Impairments. The listings are a key to whether or not a claimant will be approved for SSD benefits, and thus an applicant should have an understanding of the basic ideas of this list.

Understanding SSD benefits, Ticket to Work and potential changes

In Florida, people who are receiving Social Security disability benefits might not want to continue receiving the benefits forever. It is with this in mind that the Social Security Administration has implemented the Ticket to Work Program. Not only is it important that those who are considering making an attempt to go back to work understand the basics of this program, but they must also bear in mind possible changes that are under consideration.

Can I receive SSD benefits for Parkinson's disease?

Florida residents who are suffering from any number of conditions and illnesses might not know that they are eligible for Social Security disability benefits for illness. Some of these medical problems are debilitating to the degree that the person cannot work. If that is the case, receiving SSD benefits is a possibility. One such issue is Parkinson's disease. Understanding how to recognize the symptoms of Parkinson's disease, and knowing how the Social Security Administration (SSA) determines whether or not a claimant is eligible, are important steps to take before moving forward with an application.

SSD benefits, leaving the U.S. and citizenship issues

People in Kissimmee and throughout the state of Florida who are receiving Social Security disability benefits need to be fully aware of even the smallest issues related to keeping their benefits. Some recipients can travel despite their illnesses, conditions or injuries that predicated an approval for SSD benefits. The amount of time spent outside the country and where the recipient is traveling to are important. There are also citizenship factors that must be accounted for with travel and receiving benefits. Before traveling, it is imperative to know and understand these rules.

Facts about applying for Social Security disability benefits

There are certain facts that all Floridians who are considering applying for Social Security disability benefits need to know. While those who are deserving of benefits have a good chance of being approved, it is not an automatic guarantee.

Recognizing PTSD symptoms when filing for disability benefits

There are many reasons why a Kissimmee resident might be suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder, often referred to by the acronym PTSD. People who have experienced different traumatic incidents in their lives can be affected by PTSD, but it is most frequently associated with members of the military. Service members might not have suffered extensive physical injuries, but they can have other forms of damage for which they can consider filing for disability benefits through Social Security.