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October 2015 Archives

Can Floridians get SSD benefits for early-onset Alzheimer's?

Floridians are well aware of the issues that surround a diagnosis of Alzheimer's disease and how the person suffering from it will likely need assistance through Social Security Disability (SSD) benefits for illness. The disease itself is inextricably connected to those over a certain age -- mostly elderly people. However, it sometimes occurs with people who are younger. This is known as early-onset Alzheimer's. It is possible for a person suffering from early-onset Alzheimer's to receive SSD benefits, if they meet the criteria according to federal regulations.

Can Floridians keep SSD without following a treatment plan?

Florida residents who are seeking Social Security Disability (SSD) benefits or are already receiving SSD benefits will have many questions about receiving an approval or retaining benefits. A question that is often asked is what will happen if the prescribed treatments are not followed and if the SSD benefits will be denied or discontinued. If receiving the prescribed treatment violates the religious beliefs of the claimant or the recipient, then it might not be required to have the treatment. The person must reject the treatment and say that he or she is a member of a church that promotes that faith and praying is a healing strategy. The church must be identified and the church authorities must verify that the person is a member of that church.

Social Security disability for issues with anticancer treatment

Floridians who have cancer and believe they might be able to receive Social Security disability for illness need to be aware that there are numerous reasons for which they can be approved. The federal regulations allow for a claimant to potentially receive benefits if the treatments are such that they allow the claimant to meet the Listings of Impairments. The effects of the anticancer therapy will be considered to determine whether the claimant can be found disabled.

Social Security disability and the 2016 COLA

Many Florida residents rely on Social Security disability benefits. Benefits are provided to workers who are disabled, retirees, spouses, offspring and disabled veterans. For those who are receiving benefits, there is an expectation that there will be a Cost of Living Adjustment (COLA) on an annual basis. The economy and inflation determine whether the Social Security Administration (SSA) will have to pay more to recipients. In some years, there will be an increase, but in others, there will not. Those who are seeking benefits or are already receiving benefits need to be aware of these issues that are under current discussion.

Who makes the decision on SSD benefits and how is it made?

When a person in Florida believes he or she has an illness, condition or impairment that warrants Social Security disability benefits, there will be numerous questions regarding the process. The most basic involve who it is that makes the decision for the Social Security Administration and how that decision is made. Understanding the facts regarding these important considerations might be keys to being approved.

Knowing symptoms for PTSD and applying for disability benefits

Many people in Florida are aware that they can apply for Social Security disability benefits for a multitude of illnesses, injuries and conditions, both mental and physical. However, Social Security disability benefits for mental conditions can be among the most confusing issues that have to be faced. Treating and diagnosing a mental condition can be difficult and sufferers are frequently unaware that they can receive disability for such issues as post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). Knowing the symptoms of mental disorders like PTSD is the first step to understanding the problem and filing for disability benefits.

What are SSD federal regulations for visual disorders?

Those in Kissimmee who have visual disorders should have an understanding of how the Social Security Administration evaluates these issues, how they are defined, and what evidence is needed to approve the claimant for Social Security disability benefits. It is important to know the criteria when seeking SSD benefits before pursuing a case to avoid mistakes that might result in a denial.

Politicians offer plans to shore up Social Security disability

Many Floridians are suffering from illnesses, conditions or disabilities that make it difficult for them to function and work on a daily basis. People in this situation might need assistance to live. With that in mind, Social Security disability is necessary for them to survive. The various programs from the Social Security Administration are designed to help these people and their families. However, like any government program, it is necessary to have adequate funding to pay for it. Recent SSA news has placed the program's viability in question.

Receiving Social Security disability when diagnosed with cancer

Being diagnosed with cancer can be a difficult process for Kissimmee residents to come to grips with. In addition to the fear that comes with it, there are also financial and personal concerns. Fortunately, there is a possibility that those who are facing cancer will be able to receive Social Security disability benefits for illness. Before moving forward with an application, it is wise to understand the facts regarding what impairments are covered, what is considered when the cancer is evaluated, and what evidence is needed for the federal regulations to be met.