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February 2018 Archives

SSDI is not "welfare"

A common misconception about the Social Security Disability program, particularly benefits offered through SSDI program as opposed to SSI, or Supplemental Security Income, is that it is a "welfare" system for those who, on a flimsy excuse, choose not to continue working. Aside from the fact that most Florida residents who apply for disability benefits have medically documented conditions that are, to some extent, preventing them from working, the reality is that the SSDI program is available only to people who actually have some work history.

Compassionate help for a range of mental conditions

Our law office recognizes that any number of mental health conditions, even when properly treated, can be debilitating and leave a resident of Kissimmee or other parts of Central Florida unable to work in gainful employment that suits their skills, no matter how much they really would love to have and hold a job.

Review of schizophrenia symptoms

Previous posts here have discussed schizophrenia, but it is helpful to review the symptoms and causes of this condition for those Central Florida residents who think they may have this condition and believe it is impacting their ability to find gainful employment.

Budget proposal may impact disability benefits

The latest round of Congressional budget talks is in full force after the President unveiled his latest budget proposal. Although the President's budget will likely be mulled over and changed substantially before it becomes the law of the land, if it stands, disability benefits for Central Florida residents could be affected.

Non-citizens can get disability benefits under some conditions

Contrary to some rumors, it is not true that undocumented immigrants can get Social Security disability benefits the same way that an American citizen who lives in Central Florida can. In fact, someone who is not in this country legally is not eligible for Social Security.

We pursue disability claims for those with muscle, bone problems

Although many people hope to be able to continue to work in industry, construction or other physically demanding fields until they are ready to retire, such is sadly not the case for many Florida workers.

What is an ABLE account?

While this blog has frequently discussed the requirements that Floridians have to meet in order to show that they are legally disabled for the purpose of getting disability benefits through the Social Security Administration, oftentimes, disabled residents of Kissimmee or other parts of Central Florida also need to be mindful of their income and assets.

What proof do I need to show my mental condition is a disability?

As this blog has discussed on previous occasions, a resident of the Central Florida area can get Social Security disability benefits for a variety of mental health conditions so long as he or she meets the Social Security Administration's requirements.