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June 2016 Archives

Those suffering from psychotic disorders may qualify for SSD

Mental health is critically important for living a productive and healthy life. Tragically, though, millions of Americans face mental health issues. While some, like depression, can often be effectively treated with medication, other mental conditions leave an individual unable to live what others consider a normal life. This can raise many challenges, but one of the most important, and basic, amongst them is how these individuals are going to make money, as oftentimes their condition leaves them unable to work.

Traumatic brain injury can drastically affect life

Suffering a serious injury can be scary on many levels. First and foremost, an individual might be concerned about the person's health and well-being. After all, without proper treatment, and sometimes even with it, some injuries are fatal. But, even those who are fortunate to survive a serious injury can face life-long struggles related to their recovery, if one is even possible, and trying to live a normal life.

Floridians who suffer burns may qualify for SSD benefits

There are many reasons why people may need financial help. The Social Security disability system wide-ranging, incorporating a broad swath of injuries and illnesses. This is good news for individuals who are struggling with disability caused by injury or illness. Yet, merely claiming that one is disabled is not enough, as the Social Security Administration has laid out requirements that must be met in order to be deemed "disabled." Each medical condition recognized by the SAA has its own specific requirements, so it is critical that those who are unable to work due to an injury or illness to understand what they need to show in order to recover benefits.

Legislation proposed to get disabled individuals back to work

Floridians who have been listening to the news lately might find themselves concerned about the livelihood of the Social Security disability system. It is a legitimate concern because if the SSD system fails, many Americans will be left without much needed compensation to cover their bills at a time when they are unable to work. But, the general public isn't the only entity to take notice. The U.S. Congress is also searching for a way to keep the system afloat.

The Lawrence Law Firm stands up for disabled Floridians

This blog is dedicated to discussing matters related to Social Security disability. Whether you have suffered a debilitating injury or are facing a serious medical condition, if you find yourself disabled and unable to work then you could be facing financial uncertainty. By educating yourself about SSD benefits and how to go about acquiring them, you might give yourself a better chance at success.

Reevaluation of disability under Social Security disability

Mental health is critically important for all Floridians. While many of us go through life without having to deal with issues related to our mental health, many others cannot escape problems caused by mental disorders. Tragically, even with the assistance of medication and other medical treatments, these individuals may struggle to live a normal life. This includes holding a job, meaning that they may not have a steady income to support themselves. Such a lack of income can leave them destitute, unable to afford their medical care, housing and food. This can be especially true for those dealing with schizophrenia, paranoia and other psychotic disorders.

Bone marrow failure and Social Security disability

The human body is a resilient, yet fragile thing. Though our bodies are capable of processing thoughts, sounds, and tastes and can even heal themselves from some infections and injuries, there are times when our bodies fail us. In these instances, our lives can be turned upside down. What were once easy tasks can become impossible, and doing the things we once loved can be rendered far too challenging. Our time with our families and friends can be impacted, and we can even be left unable to work and earn a living wage. When this is the case, Social Security Disability (SSD) may prove an opportunity to recover much needed compensation.

Do I have to report wages when I get SSD benefits through SSI?

If a Floridian is receiving Social Security disability benefits through the Supplemental Security Income program, there are certain rules that have to be followed to continue receiving these benefits. Since SSI is based on need for those who are elderly, blind or disabled, the amount that the claimant will get is partially based on income. In some instances, a claimant might not realize that they have to report their monthly wages, if any.

Federal regulations for working and getting SSD benefits

Some Florida residents receiving Social Security disability will want to try to get back to work, but are not aware of the federal regulations when retaining SSD benefits if they do so. When approved for SSD benefits, the claimant will not be able to take part in substantial gainful activity or SGA. The person cannot earn more than a particular amount on a monthly basis. In 2016, the earnings cannot surpass $1,130 monthly. For those who are blind, this amount is $1,820. It is important to have a grasp on the exceptions that are in effect for these rules.

Hematological disorders and Social Security disability

It can be frightening to think of all the medical conditions that can fall upon us. Though many Floridians are thankful for their health and ability to live a normal life, many are forced to confront serious illnesses on a daily basis. These individuals may have trouble participating in family activities, doing the things they once loved and even earn a stable living. When a medical condition affects an individual's ability to work, then he or she may face economic uncertainty.

How skin disorders are assessed for disability benefits

Floridians who are having skin issues might have a vague understanding that they can receive Social Security disability benefits for illness; however, they most likely will not understand certain important factors in being declared disabled. When it comes to a skin disorder, the Social Security Administration or SSA has certain ways in which it will assess the impairments that can affect the skin as well as other systems of the body.