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October 2014 Archives

Social Security recently announces increase in benefits for 2015

The Social Security Administration (SSA) recently announced a cost-of-living increase in Social Security benefits for next year. An increase for beneficiaries is intended to cover the higher cost of consumer goods. According to the SSA information, benefits will increase by 1.7 percent in 2015. Approximately 64 million individuals who receive disability and retirement income benefits will be impacted by the SSA's news concerning the cost-of-living adjustment. Individuals who receive Supplemental Security Income (SSI) (disability benefits for indigent, disabled, blind or elderly individuals that lack sufficient income and resources) will see the increase at the end of the year.

How do I qualify for disability for a medical condition?

Social Security Disability benefits can be important for many disabled individuals, and their families, with little or no income due to a medical condition and disability. In general, SSD benefits are available to individuals who are unable to work due to a medical condition that is expected to last longer than a year or result in death. While additional work history requirements also apply, it is important to keep in mind that different Social Security options may be available for disabled individuals in different situations.

Knowledge of the Social Security Disability process is important

While Social Security is often thought of as a benefits program for seniors, it offers other types of benefits as well including disability for those who are unable to work because of physical or mental medical conditions. Those who are denied Social Security Disability (SSD) benefits have certain rights to appeal but this process can be lengthy; recent economic conditions and aging baby boomers have caused caseloads for administrative judges who hear appeals to surge from 589,4449 to 810,715 during fiscal years 2008 to 2014.

Social Security Disability benefits for veterans: part 2

Our last blog post discussed how veterans may be able to benefit from Social Security Disability. They must meet the agency's definition of disabled, however, along with some other conditions. Let's take a closer look now at veterans with a 100 percent permanent and total disability rating from the VA system.

Social Security Disability benefits for veterans: part 1

The recent escalation of the conflict in Iraq and Syria serves as a somber reminder to many military families whose loved ones have served previously. Many of America's heroes come home with obvious physical injuries and impairments; for others, the damage may not be clear from the outside, but is nonetheless real, lasting and life-changing.

When are my SSD benefits payable to my spouse?

Social Security disability has various federal regulations and requirements for a person to receive it. One of the most frequent concerns of people in Florida regarding Social Security disability benefits is whether or not they will be payable to a spouse. The answer is yes, but there are certain criteria that must be in place.

Woman fights to speed disability status for Huntington's disease

In Kissimmee and throughout the nation, there's often confusion as to whether certain illnesses make a person eligible to receive Social Security disability benefits for illness. It can be a difficult road to understand disability status and by the time a decision is made, it's often too late to help the person who applied. There are certain federal regulations that prevent a person from receiving benefits even if the individual is in a situation in which it makes logical sense for the person to receive it.

Four basic concepts for Social Security Disability

Disability is something that many residents of Tampa have to deal with on a daily basis. Aside from the physical or mental limitations caused by illness or injury, there are obviously financial implications. For this reason, about 11 million people across the country receive Social Security Disability related benefits totaling around $11 billion in financial support from the Social Security Administration.

Important facts to know about receiving disability benefits

Those in Kissimmee who believe they are eligible for Social Security disability benefits need to have a baseline of information before going through the process. It's important to remember that there are numerous factors that go into receiving SSD benefits and a claimant stands a better chance of getting a positive result in a case if they're aware of them beforehand. Before getting into the details of receiving benefits and how it can affect one's life, it's important to know the federal regulations, requirements and the broad facts that are applicable.

Legal help with Social Security disability benefits for injury

When a person in Florida is injured and unable to work, there are many concerns that will run through his or her mind as well as the minds of the family members. There is the possibility that medical expenses will be astronomical due to the injuries. Long-term care might be required and the family could bear the brunt of having to assist an injured person. A way to help those who have been hurt in this way is through Social Security disability benefits for injury.