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April 2016 Archives

Program for those on permanent disability to clear student debt

For Floridians who are suffering from an injury, illness or condition that renders them unable to work, disability benefits may be available. There are important facts that must be known regarding Social Security disability, which go beyond simply meeting the medical requirements and following through with all of the rules that the Social Security Administration (SSA) has implemented. In addition, SSD benefits can be subject to changes, which can help those who are already receiving benefits and have other debts that might be affecting what they receive.

Our firm fights for those with disabilities

Illness and injury can take many shapes. Some are relatively minor and can be treated quite easily. Most of the time, after an illness or injury, individuals are easily able to get back to their normal lives, including working. For many, though, their medical condition can be debilitating, forcing them away from their normal lives. These victims may be unable to work, which can raise a whole host of financial concerns. Though this can be troubling, those who are deemed "disabled" under the Social Security Administration's rules and regulations may be able to find the financial relief that they need to reclaim their financial stability.

Social Security disability for Inflammatory Bowel Disease

Many Floridians deal with digestive problems on a day-to-day basis. This can lead to discomfort and perhaps even the need for workers to take a sick day. But for others, the condition of their digestive system may leave them unable to lead a normal life. The condition can also prevent them from obtaining and holding employment. For these individuals, financial troubles can arise, as they cannot earn a wage to pay their rent or mortgage, put food on the table, or obtain the medical care they need.

How cancer is evaluated and its evidence for SSD benefits

For Floridians who are diagnosed with cancer, the prospects of receiving Social Security disability benefits for illness is something to consider. However, it is important to know how the Social Security Administration (SSA) goes about determining whether a claimant can receive SSD benefits. The listings for cancer evaluate every form of the disease the person might have.

When does the the one-third reduction apply for SSD benefits?

For some Social Security disability recipients in Florida, their living situation might fluctuate and their circumstances vary. This is why there is what is known as the one-third reduction if the living circumstances meet the necessary criteria. The one-third reduction is known by the acronym VTR for "value of one-third reduction." The VTR will apply if a claimant or a couple spends a month living with another person and is provided with food and shelter without compensating the provider for it.

Veterans and Social Security disability

Our nation owes our veterans a great debt. The brave men and women who serve our military dedicate significant portions of their lives, putting their own well-being on the line to ensure the protection and betterment of not only our country, but of the people of the rest of the world, too. When these individuals return to civilian life and suffer from disabling physical and mental conditions, the least we can do for them is ensure that they have the financial resources needed to live a normal life.

SSD benefits and a representative payee for recipients

The process by which people in Kissimmee seek Social Security disability benefits can be daunting enough without having to account for the smaller, more in-depth issues that frequently arise and complicate the matter. One factor that is under discussion is how to handle people who need help from another person to handle their finances but are not able to find what is known as a "representative payee."

The Lawrence Law Firm advocates for disabled individuals

One of our most recent blog posts discussed visual impairment, including blindness, and how it may qualify you for Social Security disability benefits. This is no small thing, as SSD benefits can provide a lifeline of financial support to help you make ends meet. We also discussed how those who suffer from visual impairment and receive Social Security can also earn more and still qualify for benefits than others seeking SSD. This means that those who have trouble seeing may still be able to keep their jobs, or seek work so as to maintain a piece of their normal day-to-day lives but still retain financial stability.

Daily activities and social functioning requirements for SSD

When a Kissimmee resident is having mental issues and believes that he or she will qualify for Social Security disability benefits for mental conditions, it can be confusing when trying to comprehend the requirements for an approval. Certain factors are taken into account when the Social Security Administration (SSA) decides whether the impairment is severe enough to warrant benefits. These include activities of daily living; social functioning; concentration, persistence or pace; and decompensation. This post will center on activities of daily living and social functioning.