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February 2020 Archives

If you're injured on the job, you deserve to make a claim

As a worker who regularly goes to different sites to do your job, you're always meeting new people and doing interesting tasks. Unfortunately, this exposure can mean that you are put in harm's way often. From potential crashes while driving to a job site to the risk of being bitten by a client's pet, you're always facing challenges.

Know what to expect at your disability hearing

If you applied for disability benefits, it is because you are not able to earn a gainful living due to a mental or physical disability. You need these benefits to support yourself and pay for things you need, and it can be devastating when your claim comes back denied. This is common for initial applications, and there are certain levels of appeals that allow you to continue your pursuit of benefits from the Social Security Administration.

3 hurt in crash involving red car, police cruiser

When you hear sirens, it's important for you to pull over or get out of the way of the emergency vehicle headed your way. In some cases, emergency vehicles don't put on their sirens to avoid being detected, such as when police officers respond to a sensitive call. The situation may arise where a driver is trying to turn and strikes officers on the way to a call. Who's to blame? It truly can depend on the specifics, such as if the officers used their cruiser's sirens and lights or if the vehicle was moving without them and with the flow of traffic.

1 dies in 3-story fall from scissor lift in Sanford

Falls are a leading cause of injuries and death for construction workers. Since that's such a major risk, all construction workers and employers should be well aware of the safety procedures that have to take place to prevent them. Unfortunately, even with all the preventative tools that are available today, fall hazards still exist and can lead to accidents.