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May 2016 Archives

Current discussion for SSA attempts to cut application backlog

Applicants for Social Security disability benefits in Florida who are rejected when the initial steps of determining disability are made by the Social Security Administration need to be aware of the appeals process. The SSA has certain procedures that it follows with the decisions it makes. However, the current backlog of claims that have yet to be decided upon is sparking a change in the way the SSA handles these cases.

Reevaluation of disability under Social Security disability

Those who are able to successfully seek out Social Security Disability (SSD) benefits can feel like they've been given a financial life raft. The program can provide disabled individuals with monthly payments that can help them maintain a certain standard of living and put food on the table at a time when they are unable to work. However, many SSD benefit recipients wrongly think that once their claims succeed they will be entitled to benefits indefinitely.

Requirements for parental income with a child's SSI benefits

Parents in Florida who have a child who is suffering from a disability that can meet the requirements to receive Supplemental Security Income under the Social Security disability program often wonder how their own employment and salary will affect the child's benefits. Seeking SSD benefits can be complicated and it is important to fully understand everything that goes into a case, especially when it comes to income. The Social Security Administration will take into account the income and resources the parents have available for the child and it can have an influence on whether the child can receive SSI and the amount the child can get.

What is the Ticket to Work program?

For many individuals, disability drastically changes the way they live their lives. Not only may their everyday tasks become difficult, but working may be impossible. For others, though, despite being disabled, they are still able to hold onto some semblance of their pre-disability life. For these individuals, work may still be an option. But those who have successfully obtained Social Security Disability (SSD) benefits might find themselves concerned about how working will affect their benefits.