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September 2019 Archives

The SSA may expedite your disability application

Deciding to seek financial assistance through the Social Security Administration is not an easy choice. It involves coming to the realization that your condition is severe enough that you can no longer work and that you may be dealing with the symptoms for at least a year, perhaps for the rest of your life. However, if you are already unable to work and have accumulated a pile of medical bills, you certainly can use the assistance SSA disability benefits offer.

Should you report a laceration that happens at work?

Of the injuries you can suffer on the job, some of the most common are lacerations. Lacerations can happen almost anywhere. A clerk filing paperwork could get cut on a filing cabinet, a person in a factory could suffer an accidental amputation from a sharp blade on a piece of machinery or a driver could get into an accident and cut themselves on the glass.

Get help if you suffer a head injury on the job

There are many ways that you could suffer a head injury when working as a construction worker. Did you know that the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) haS estimated that 1.7 million people, on average, suffer a brain injury each year? On top of that, around 125,000 end up with permanent disabilities.

What is a head injury, and how will you recognize it?

In a car crash, one of the injuries that you may suffer is a head injury. A head injury may lead to a brain injury, which can have devastating consequences. Head injuries may be minor, like contusions or lacerations, or they can involve the brain, skull fractures or other major concerns.