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February 2015 Archives

Disability benefits and the Compassionate Allowances initiative

When a worker in Florida becomes disabled, they may find their ability to earn a living has been greatly reduced or even eliminated. In these situations, it is important that they receive Social Security disability benefits as soon as possible. Yet is there a way to expedite their application?

Can one receive both SSD benefits and workers' comp?

When a person in Florida becomes disabled, they may have a number of resources to fall back on. Some resources, such as pensions and medical insurance, are private and therefore will not affect one's ability to seek Social Security disability benefits. However, other resources are public, such as workers' compensation, and may have an effect on one's ability to seek Social Security disability benefits.

Back injuries can cause permanent pain, disability

Our nation is built on the backs of construction workers, factory workers, farmers and other skilled laborers who work with heavy machinery, lift heavy loads and perform other physically strenuous tasks every day. Unfortunately, all this hard work can come at a price, particularly when it comes to a worker's back.

You can go online to apply for disability benefits

Many people in Florida rely on Social Security disability benefits to help them make ends meet when they are unable to work due to an illness or injury. Yet did you know that you can apply for Social Security disability benefits online?

Immune system disorders and receiving SSD benefits

When people in Kissimmee are suffering from a medical issue that is hindering their ability to live life in a normal fashion and they cannot work, they might consider the possibility of filing for disability through the Social Security Administration. Often, they may not understand the federal regulations for certain problems like immune system disorders. People suffering from these immune system disorders might not appear to be ill, but could be highly susceptible to illnesses and viruses.

What are some work incentives when receiving SSD benefits?

While Social Security disability is meant for people in Florida and across the country to receive assistance when they're unable to work, some people who are receiving SSD benefits would like to try and get back into the workforce. The Social Security Administration has certain incentives for those who would like to work again. A common concern for recipients who have met the requirements to receive SSDI or SSI and try to get back into the workforce is what will happen if they are unable to work.

Current discussion in politics roils Social Security disability

Florida residents who are seeking benefits for illness or injury from the Social Security Administration (SSA) might not be political junkies or keep a close eye on the back and forth between political parties regarding legal issues. But the politics that are in play in the current climate can't be ignored when it comes to the rules by which Social Security disability benefits are allocated. Knowing what's under current discussion and how it can influence benefits can make the process easier for prospective claimants.

What are suitable medical sources for Social Security disability?

Social Security disability is an available option for Florida residents who meet the medical requirements. This applies to both mental and physical issues. Those who are considering applying for benefits need to understand what they need to prove in terms of evidence and what forms of evidence are acceptable to the Social Security Administration (SSA) according to the federal regulations. The medical sources that are provided must be deemed sufficient before there will be an approval no matter the issues the person suffers from.