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September 2015 Archives

Social Security Administration works to address cash shortfall

Recipients of Social Security disability benefits in Florida have enough to worry about in dealing with their illnesses or disabilities without having to wonder about the viability of the program itself. However, because it is a government program, there are always concerns about its funding and certain changes that might be made to it. Keeping an eye on the various issues that arise when it comes to Social Security disability is important for a claimant to be prepared for any changes.

Understanding the symptoms of bipolar disorder

People in the Kissimmee area who are suffering from mental illness might have heard the term "bipolar disorder" but are not fully aware of what it means. Nor are they aware that they might be able to receive Social Security disability benefits for mental conditions if they are diagnosed as having it or other mental disorders. Knowing the symptoms of bipolar disorder is important when the problems become so significant that a person's life is negatively affected and they believe they should receive disability benefits.

Social Security disability benefits and previous work

When a Florida resident is applying for Social Security disability benefits, there are numerous factors that come to the forefront in determining whether the claimant meets the requirements. A great deal of information must be provided including details about past work. This will include the jobs that the claimant did in the previous 15 years. There must be a description of that work with the job duties. Simply listing each job is not sufficient.

Brachial plexus and qualifying SSD benefits for injury

When Florida residents suffer from certain injuries, they might not be fully aware that they may be able to receive Social Security disability benefits for it. One particular injury that is often misunderstood is a brachial plexus injury. It is possible to receive Social Security disability benefits for injury involving brachial plexus issues if the requirements are met. While brachial plexus injuries are most often associated with injuries suffered at birth, it can also be suffered by children, teens and adults.

Law for SSD benefits would eliminate wait for terminally ill

Social Security disability benefits for illness are available to those who meet the requirements under federal regulations. This is true for Floridians and people throughout the U.S. There are, however, numerous concerns for people regarding their disability status and how long they will have to wait to begin receiving benefits. For someone who might be terminally ill or in immediate need, this can be a worrisome problem.

Understanding earned credits and Social Security disability

Social Security disability is one of the many benefits available for people in Osceola County who have paid into the program. To be eligible to receive disability benefits, federal regulations require that the applicant have earned credits. This is true when the applicant is seeking benefits for a disability, retirement or for a family to receive survivors benefits.

What if I need a special examination for SSD benefits?

When a person in Kissimmee believes he or she has an illness or condition that qualifies them for Social Security disability benefits, that does not necessarily mean they will be automatically approved. Being approved or denied Social Security disability hinges on many factors. An important part of the process is the medical examination. In some instances, it is necessary for a claimant to have a special examination. This could be the key to receiving an approval for SSD benefits.

What can I do if my SSD benefits are stopped?

When a Floridian applies for Social Security disability benefits, one of the biggest concerns is that they will be denied. Once they have received an approval, their worries are largely behind them. However, it must be remembered that it is possible that the SSD benefits can be stopped for a variety of reasons. But. there are options available when the benefits have been stopped.

Finances for Social Security disability insurance a growing worry

Residents of Kissimmee who are suffering from a disability and seeking to receive or are already receiving benefits from the Social Security Administration have enough to concern themselves with. Their disability is often a hindrance to their ability to live as close to normally as possible. For some, even receiving an approval for Social Security disability benefits was an arduous ordeal as they went through the evaluation process of determining disability and were unsure as to whether or not they would be approved. Once the benefits are provided, there are still other issues that must be considered, such as the funds that the government uses to pay for it.