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Denied disability claim? You can keep fighting for benefits

Perhaps you suffered serious injuries in a car accident that have left you unable to meet the physical demands of your job. Maybe you have a grave medical condition that leaves you requiring extensive medical care and time off from work. There are many physical, mental and medical conditions that can leave a person disabled, unable to retain gainful employment, and support his or her Florida family. 

Get help with your Social Security Disability application

If you suffer a disability as a result of an injury or deteriorating health, you may wish to look into obtaining Social Security Disability (SSD). This is compensation provided to you each month by the government. You earned this compensation by working, and if you have enough credits, you can apply for SSD.

Mental health concerns can qualify for Social Security Disability

As someone who has struggled with the trauma of a workplace accident, you may have trouble with emotional disturbances that make it hard for you to work. Maybe you have flashbacks or trouble sleeping at night; You might have panic attacks on the job or be exhausted.