Immune system disorders and receiving SSD benefits

When people in Kissimmee are suffering from a medical issue that is hindering their ability to live life in a normal fashion and they cannot work, they might consider the possibility of filing for disability through the Social Security Administration. Often, they may not understand the federal regulations for certain problems like immune system disorders. People suffering from these immune system disorders might not appear to be ill, but could be highly susceptible to illnesses and viruses.

The Social Security Administration will evaluate disorders of the immune system that can lead to dysfunction in the immune system. There could be numerous reasons for this and various ways they will be assessed. It could be because of problems with producing antibodies, an impairment in cell-mediated immunity or other factors. These immune system issues could lead to a recurring incidence of infections, some which might be deemed unusual. It can also cause dysfunction and inflammation in tissues of the body.

A person with limitations with two or more organs or systems inside the body might also qualify for Social Security disability. Symptoms may include feeling fatigued, having fevers, general malaise, and weight loss. For those seeking SSD benefits, the SSA will require various pieces of information to prove its validity. There must be a medical history, a physical exam, lab reports and perhaps biopsies and machine imagery. These imaging procedures include CAT scans, x-rays, MRI and other machine-based tests. Excluding HIV, there are different categories of immune system disorders that will be evaluated. These include autoimmune disorders and immune deficiency disorders that are not HIV-related.

For autoimmune disorders, the evaluation is based on a dysfunction in the immune response against an individual’s own tissues leading to impairments with various manners in which they manifest themselves and show symptoms. Immune deficiency disorders that exclude HIV can be indicated by a recurrence of unusual infections that don’t respond to treatment and are frequently linked to other areas of the body. These can be congenital or acquired.

Those who are suffering from immune system disorders might not realize they’re eligible for Social Security disability benefits for illness. Speaking to a legal professional experienced in navigating federal regulations for qualifying SSD benefits for illness is the first step to being approved for these health problems.

Source:, “Disability Evaluation Under Social Security, 14.00 Immune System Disorders — Adult” accessed Feb. 12. 2015


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