4 common warehouse safety hazards

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You may be among the numerous people in Florida and across the country who work in a warehouse. You may not consider the work you complete ideal, and you may not have pictured yourself in this type of employment when you were younger. Nonetheless, you show up to work and do your best to complete your tasks as necessary.

Of course, working in a warehouse can present a number of dangers. Some of them you may see on a daily basis, and others you may not recognize as serious hazards to you and others. Hopefully, you work in an environment that keeps safety a top priority, but you still need to remain on the lookout for yourself.

What are common warehouse issues?

Throughout your workday, you undoubtedly come across various types of equipment and machinery. While you may feel experienced with the equipment you use, the slightest slip-up could have catastrophic outcomes. Some hazards you may want to watch out for include the following:

  • Conveyors: Conveyors are a useful tool in warehouse work, but if you or another worker becomes caught in the conveyor or an object falls off, serious injuries could result.
  • Forklifts: Though forklifts are likely another common piece of equipment you use, improper use or malfunctioning machinery could result in an accident.
  • Lifting and handling: In some cases, a job may not require a forklift, but it could still require a team lift. If you try to lift a heavy object on your own or use the wrong lifting technique, you could end up hurt.
  • Energized equipment: It is important that any energized equipment has proper lockout/tagout programs to ensure that one can completely turn them off. An improperly shut down machine could result in a worker catching in the machinery, or electrocution.

These are only a few of the many hazards you could face while carrying out your duties as a warehouse worker, so it pays to remain on your guard throughout the workday.

What if you do suffer injuries?

Unfortunately, if you suffer injuries in a warehouse accident, they could prove severe and have lasting impacts on your life and ability to work. If this happens, you may need to look into your options for workers’ compensation benefits. Applying for these benefits and obtaining them can prove difficult, so it may work in your interests to have help from an attorney experienced in this process.


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