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Even a mild stroke can keep a person out of work

Many people in and around Tallahassee, Florida, suffer from a stroke or, at least, have certain risk factors that may lead them to have a stroke in the near future. On some occasions, a person can even have a stroke without even knowing it but may be at risk for a more serious stroke in the upcoming months and years.

To review, a stroke happens when part of a person’s brain does not get enough oxygen due to loss of blood supply. It can be caused by a number of underlying conditions, but the end result is that the part of the brain which did not get the necessary supply of nutrients will effectively die, leaving the victim without the use of his or her faculties that were controlled by that part of the brain. It is in that respect similar to a heart attack.

In the most severe cases of stroke, a victim will be completely debilitated. Assuming they survive, they may not be able to even eat without help. However, even more minor cases of a stroke can leave a person unable to work. For example, a person may, after a stroke, experience seizures, difficulty walking and chronic fatigue. A victim may also develop incontinence, that is, a condition in which one can no longer control his or her bladder or bowel.

Mentally, after a stroke, a person may have a harder time formulating his or her words in to coherent speech and thus communicating with others. Furthermore, their ability to remember things, hold one’s attention and make judgements and other decisions may be affected.

In short, even a milder form of stroke can make it very hard for a person to live, much less keep going to work and earning a living. Fortunately, a person who finds himself or herself in this condition may be able to get financial help by applying for Social Security Disability benefits.


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