Understanding COPD and seeking SSD benefits for it

People in Florida who are suffering from illnesses that render them unable to work should know that they can seek and be approved for Social Security disability benefits for illness if they meet the necessary criteria. One specific illness that can result in an approval for SSD benefits is chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, also known as COPD. COPD has become a frequent topic of advertisement, but still might not be fully understood even by those who have it. Some people might not even know they’re suffering from it.

COPD is a disease that obstructs airflow from the lungs. Symptoms sometimes arise after there has already been damage done to the person’s lungs, and they can grow worse as time passes. Signs of COPD include feeling short of breath, especially when taking part in physical activities; wheezing; feeling tightness in the chest; needing to clear one’s throat early in the morning because there is an excess of mucous in the lungs; a chronic cough that leads to the person expectorating substances that are green, yellow or white; a blue tint to the lips or fingernail beds; respiratory infections on a frequent basis; a lack of energy; and weight loss that was not planned.

Those who have COPD can experience various complications such as respiratory infections, problems with the heart, lung cancer, high blood pressure, and depression. When a person has a respiratory infection, it can be difficult to breathe and might result in greater damage to the lungs. It is not known why heart issues result from COPD, but it can cause the person to be prone to a heart attack. Often, people with COPD were smokers and this can lead to chronic bronchitis and lung cancer. In addition, a person with COPD might have pulmonary hypertension. With the issues that accompany COPD, a person who is suffering from it might find him or herself unable to live a normal life and could feel depressed as a result.

Needless to say, the litany of issue that go along with COPD can make it hard to hold a job. The individual might be so ill that extensive care is required. With that in mind, COPD could be sufficient to meet the requirements for qualifying SSD benefits for illness. If belief person has been diagnosed with COPD, speaking to an attorney about pursuing disability benefits can be helpful in garnering an approval.

Source: Mayo Clinic, “COPD: Complications,” accessed on Feb. 22, 2016


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