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In Florida, summer never seems to end, and theme parks stay open most of the year. With that comes risk, though, since injuries can still happen in these happy venues.

Roller coaster injuries are personal injuries that aren’t often discussed because they are not part of the image of going to an amusement park. Instead, what people would like you to think is that these injuries are rare and that they’re not worth talking about. The reality is that they’re more common than you may think.

Roller coasters can lead to whiplash and other common injuries

Have you ever had a roller coaster stop so rapidly that you felt yourself flying forward? Did your head and snap forward and back? If it did, then that could explain the headache and pain you’ve felt for days afterward. Whiplash is caused by sudden stops. When your head moves forward quickly, it strains the tendons and ligaments in the neck and shoulders. This can lead to pain and dysfunction.

Whiplash isn’t the only roller coaster injury to watch out for, either. Some people have fallen out of roller coasters, too. In fact, the injuries that people suffer vary significantly and can be severe. Some of the reported injuries in the past included traumatic brain injuries, paralysis, drowning (on water rides), broken bones and others.

If you’re hurt when you’re at an amusement park, speak up. It is important for the facility to know and to take steps to repair, replace or remove dangerous rides and items from the venue to protect consumers like yourself.


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