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Cerebral palsy sufferers may qualify for SSD benefits

It's a sad reality that there are a number of illnesses and injuries that can affect the neurological functioning of an individual. Sufferers of these conditions may find it difficult to live what others consider a normal life, and merely functioning from day-to-day can be frustrating, painful, and downright difficult. Although these individuals may be able to obtain assistance to make their lives easier, it often comes with a great financial cost.

SSD benefits may be available to HIV sufferers

Human immunodeficiency virus, better known as HIV, is a sexually transmitted disease that can reshape and even end a Floridian's life. Although medical researchers continue to search for a cure and develop treatments to extend the length and quality of life for sufferers, the reality is that this disease continues to strip away what sufferers may have once considered a normal life.

Social Security disability planner is a good place to start

Disability is far more common than many of us think. In fact, about 25 percent of those the age of 20 today will become disabled at some point in their lives before reaching the age of 67. This large portion of the population can face tremendous financial hardship when their disability prevents them from working and earning a wage. They might struggle to pay for their medical care, their rent or mortgage, and even food for themselves and their family.

The Lawrence Law Firm fights to obtain and keep SSD benefits

Last week our blog talked about the unsuccessful work attempt and how it can affect an individual's Social Security disability benefits. Although the mere concept of SSD benefits is pretty simple to understand, there are many detailed issues like the unsuccessful work attempt that can threaten one's claims. This is important to because the Social Security Administration is looking for a reason to deny SSD claims, meaning that those who fail to protect themselves by making strong legal arguments may have the benefits on which they rely stripped away for them, or the benefits they desperately need denied to them.

What is irritable bowel syndrome?

A significant portion of the American population deals with digestive-system issues. These individuals can experience pain and suffering, and their condition can drastically impact their day-to-day lives. If a medical condition leaves an individual unable to work, then he or she may be considered disabled by the Social Security Administration and thus qualify for Social Security disability benefits.

What is an unsuccessful work attempt for SSD purposes?

Previously on this blog we discussed the definition of "substantial gainful activity" and how it pertains to Social Security disability benefits. Whether or not an individual can engage in substantial gainful activity is crucial element in every SSD benefits claim, but understanding how it is assessed can take a little bit of work to understand.

Benign brain tumor may qualify one for SSD benefits

The brain is a fragile organ. A minor blow to the head or a genetic defect can leave an individual affected for the rest of his or her life. Recovering from any kind of neurological disorder can be challenging, if at all possible. For this reason, many sufferers find themselves unable to work, earn a living wage and provide for themselves and their families. When this is the case, they may need to turn to Social Security disability for assistance.

How can medical treatment affect SSD benefits?

In what can seem like the blink of an eye, a medical condition can devastate an individual's life. It can strip away his or her health, make it difficult to actively participate in family functions, and even make it impossible to work. Medical advances, though, have made treatments more effective, allowing many individuals to recover at least a little bit of their once lost health. Though this is great from a health perspective, it can pose a threat to one's financial well-being, specifically if such an individual is receiving Social Security disability benefits.

We assist in the fight to recover SSD benefits

It can be distressing to think about, but there is a whole host of diseases, disorders, illnesses, and injuries that strike us, seemingly without a moment's notice. While some of us may fear that one of these conditions will befall us or a loved one, hundreds of thousands of Americans live with disabilities on a daily basis. Many times, these individuals are unable to live what others would consider a normal life. Their daily activities may be limited, their social lives restricted, and their work life nonexistent.