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Understanding federal regulations for disability due to addiction

While certain types of injuries, illnesses and disabilities often make it relatively clear-cut that the individuals in Florida suffering from such afflictions may seek Social Security disability benefits, there are often confusing gray areas. One such area centers around how a decision is made if the claimant is suffering from the aftermath of an addiction to drugs and alcohol.

Can I receive SSD benefits for blindness and what are the rules?

There are many reasons why a person in Kissimmee might be unable to work and will seek Social Security disability benefits. One issue that arises for a variety of reasons from illness to injury is blindness. Before applying for SSD benefits, it is important to understand the rules that are in place for those who are blind to receive benefits Supplemental Security Income (SSI) or Social Security Disability Insurance.

Is age an important consideration when seeking SSD benefits?

A common concern for people in Florida who believe they are eligible for Social Security disability benefits is whether or not their age will be a determinative factor in being approved or denied. According to the code of regulations, when it comes to age as a vocational factor, it is part of the process. When there is a disability filing, the age will be considered when it is combined with the residual functional capacity, work experience and education. Also factored in to a disability claim is the ability to adjust to a different kind of work. This will not be done simply based on the chronological age.

War veteran has Social Security disability application denied

For people returning home to Florida and across the country after having served in the military, there is the possibility that they will suffer injury both mentally and physically due to what they have experienced. Those who have been hurt and meet the medical requirements for disability status to receive approval for Social Security disability should receive benefits. However, in some instances, those who return home with medical problems find their application for benefits denied. It is then that they need to consider ways to receive what they should be entitled to, possibly with a legal filing.

Non-mosaic Down syndrome and SSD benefits

When seeking Social Security disability benefits, it's important to understand the various criteria that dictate whether or not there will be an approval. When a person is suffering from Down syndrome, knowing the difference between mosaic and non-mosaic Down syndrome is key to meeting the medical requirements and getting SSD benefits. Non-mosaic Down syndrome is only subject to evaluation under congenital disorders affecting multiple body systems.

Questions about past work when seeking Social Security disability

When pursuing Social Security disability benefits in Florida, some people might be confused as to what is meant by the questions asked regarding the ability to do work that was previously done. The Social Security Administration bases much of whether or not the claim will be approved or if you will be denied Social Security on information such as past work experience and if that work can be continued or restarted.

Can I receive SSD benefits for Chronic Fatigue Syndrome?

When people in Kissimmee are suffering from certain medical conditions, they might not be aware that they are eligible to seek Social Security disability benefits and have a chance of approval. While it might be easy to see how someone with a clear disability or injury could receive SSD benefits, there are many medical conditions and illnesses that allow for the application and approval to receive benefits. One such issue is Chronic Fatigue Syndrome.

Important facts about Social Security disability

For those in Florida who are applying for or have already received an approval for Social Security disability benefits, there are certain issues that often arise and must be considered. Claimants often wonder when the payments will begin, how they will be paid, what to do if there is a decision made by the Social Security Administration that is not agreed with, and if taxes must be paid on benefits. Knowing the facts about disability can help to avoid any confusion with the benefits.

Social Security disability regulations for children

When a Florida parent has a child who has an illness, injury or condition that makes it difficult for them to be cared for and function, Social Security disability is a consideration that should be taken very seriously. Before moving forward, however, it's important to understand the rules that are in place for there to be disability benefits provided for children.

SSD benefits and returning to work

For individuals who are injured or ill and are unable to work because of their maladies, Social Security Disability benefits can be a very helpful resource. However, if those individuals do want to return to work but are unsure if injury or sickness will remain a preventative force, potentially losing those benefits can be a frightening thought. Thankfully, the Social Security Administration has certain incentives for those who want to try and get back to work with the opportunity for the benefits to restart if they can't work.