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SSA news: conditions added to Compassionate Allowances program

Hearing from a medical professional that you are diagnosed with a serious medical condition is life-altering news. Suddenly, your world pauses and you think about what this really means. Is there a cure? What medical procedures will I need to undergo? Will I be able to maintain my normal life? How will I afford medical treatment? While these questions can be daunting and stressful, obtaining benefits from Social Security disability can reduce them.

Homeless women face issues when it comes to disability benefits

When we picture people with disabilities in Florida and nationwide, we typically think of people in wheelchairs or those requiring in-home care to get through the day. While these are examples of individuals living with disabilities, this doesn't fully capture this vulnerable population. In fact, many disabled individuals do not have access to the same health care as others, causing an even more challenging and burdensome predicament.

The SSA collaborates to receive electronic medical records

No matter our age or what we do for a living, suffering a serious injury or illness is unexpected. Whether you have been informed of a diagnosis of a severe disease or you suffered a serious injury in a motor vehicle accident or workplace incident, it is important to understand there are resources available. If a debilitating injury or illness has made it difficult or even impossible to maintain a job or obtain gainful employment, it can be challenging to meet your financial needs. Thus, some individuals in Florida and elsewhere seek to utilize Social Security disability benefits to offset these financial difficulties.

Ways to address poverty among those living with disabilities

Whether you are born with a disability or acquired one later in life due to an injury, illness or medical condition, it is likely this disability is anything but easy. In fact, those living with disabilities sin Florida and elsewhere are frequently faced with challenges, such as being unable to work, care for his or herself or return to their old life. This can significantly impact a person's quality of life and ability to meet his or her basic needs, such as food, shelter and medical care.

Proposed budget cuts for Social Security Disability in 2018

Living with a disability can be challenging. However, residents in Florida and other states can get help through government programs established by the Social Security Administration. Today, many Americans rely on these funds to meet their basic needs and overcome the challenges presented by a disability caused by injuries, illnesses and mental conditions. Nonetheless, current and future applicants for disability benefits might worry about their ability to get these necessary benefits, as the current presidential administration seeks to make major cuts to the SSD program.

Debunking SSD recipient myths and protecting disability rights

Whether you are currently living with a disability or know a loved one that is, many Florida residents understand the challenges that come with obtaining Social Security Disability benefits. Being unable to work is difficult on its own, and many disabled individuals must endure the lengthy and stressful process to obtain SSD benefits. Even if an applicant is initially denied, the applicant should be aware of their rights while moving through the process.

How the hiring freeze is impacting SSD benefits applications

Florida residents are well aware that changes must occur within the Social Security Administration in order to extend the longevity of the programs it offers for those suffering from disabilities. Whether an individual is living with a disability they were born with or one caused by an injury or illness, he or she will have to go through the application process to obtain Social Security disability. But as the number of people seeking these benefits continues to grow, the backlog and waiting period grows right along with it.

Florida senator supports proposal to modify SSD benefits programs

Many Florida residents are aware of the concerns surrounding Social Security benefits. In fact, most Americans have heard of various proposals and changes made to Social Security in order to maintain its viability for years to come. While there is no clear fix to keep these necessary programs running smoothly, there are some proposals being currently debated.

Don't navigate the Social Security process alone

For many citizens, the importance of Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) and Supplemental Security Income (SSI) cannot be overstated. In distressing times and situations, these programs provide a vital safety net, allowing individuals facing extremely difficult circumstances to stay afloat. Applying for these programs can sometimes be a confusing process that involves many different elements, information and steps, so it's important to be aware of the necessities.

Changes will speed up determining disability for veterans

Anyone in Florida who has had experience with the Social Security disability system knows that the wait times can be a nightmare. At a time when a disabled individual is struggling to make ends meet, wait times of months or even a year or more can spell financial ruin. For years now, advocates have been voicing the need for a more efficient system that allows individuals to have their claims adjudicated more quickly, thereby leading to faster benefit recovery for those who qualify.