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National Kidney Month and Social Security Disability

March is National Kidney Month. This vital organ is imperative to the health of the human body, as it cleanses an individual's blood, reducing the toxins in the bloodstream. Kidneys are critical to a person's overall well-being. However, many people, including some in the Kissimmee area, will wind up with some sort of kidney condition during their lives. In fact, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention estimate that 20 million people are currently affected by chronic kidney disease. Making matters worse, many of these individuals do not even know that they are ill.

How can I get SSD benefits via compassionate allowances?

If an illness strikes a person in Florida, the individual and his or her family might not be aware that the Social Security Administration (SSA) has a compassionate program that can provide benefits if they meet the criteria for qualifying SSD benefits for illness. There are certain factors that go into receiving benefits based on these conditions.

Legal assistance with qualifying SSD benefits for illness

When people in Florida are suffering from illnesses, they might be eligible for Social Security disability benefits. It must be remembered, however, that there are certain criteria that must be met for qualifying SSD benefits for illness. Many people who are suffering from various illnesses might not realize that they're eligible to file for SSD benefits and that it's wise to get legal advice before moving forward with a filing.

Supplemental Security Income can help Florida Families

As our previous post discussed, Supplemental Security Income is one type of benefit offered by the Social Security Administration. It is, of course, a little different from Social Security Disability Insurance - but how, exactly? In addition, how can children - such as those with long-term cancer - obtain coverage? There can be many questions not only about the program, but also about how to obtain benefits.

Childhood Cancer Awareness Month a good reminder about SSI

No illness is every wanted, but there are few situations that tug on the heartstrings more than learning a child has cancer. Some forms are more treatable than others, but the treatment for any cancer can be difficult even for a healthy adult. Yet, as September marks Childhood Cancer Awareness Month, the focus can turn to teaching the public about the types of cancer that can affect kids - some 13,000 children diagnosed each calendar year.

Cancer patients should explore all their financial options

Many people's worst fear is being diagnosed with a life-threatening medical illness. Unfortunately, that is the reality for many Floridians. Every day, people are diagnosed with cancer. This oftentimes aggressive and mutli-faceted illness does not discriminate. Everyone from young children to the elderly can be afflicted. Families who are facing a cancer diagnosis generally need to deal with medical uncertainties and extremely high medical costs.