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GAO concerned over outside assistance to meet SSA requirements

When people in Florida have questions about how the U.S. government goes about determining disability, there are many issues to sort through. The Social Security Administration has ways in which they make their determination. Sometimes, there is SSA news important to those who are in the process of moving forward with a claim if they believe they meet the SSA requirements. It's important for those who are planning to apply to keep track of issues under current discussion.

Understanding when the Social Security Administration issues COLA

Many people in Kissimmee rely on assistance from the government to make ends meet and help them survive. No matter the reason a person needs Social Security disability benefits, any increase in the benefits can be beneficial. Periodically, the Social Security administration will increase the amount that people receive. It's important for those who are receiving benefits or seeking benefits to keep track of the SSA news to know if and when there will be a cost-of-living adjustment, also referred to as COLA.

SSDI computer system struggles after 6 years of development

Around 19 million people in the United States rely on Social Security Disability income (SSDI) for their financial security. Many more -- around 660,000 people -- are awaiting decisions on their SSDI applications. Nearly one million people are awaiting a decision on appeal, including Florida residents.