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Review of the Supplemental Security Income program

As a previous post here mentioned, Supplemental Security Income, or "SSI" for short, is one of two programs that the federal Social Security Administration oversees which, along with the SSDI program, constitute what Central Florida residents commonly think of as federal disability benefits.

Review of the basics of SSDI insurance

As this blog has mentioned before, when residents of Central Florida talk about Social Security disability benefits, they are likely referring to one of two federal programs: the Social Security Disability Insurance program, or SSDI, or the Supplemental Security Income program, or SSI.

Facts about Social Security Disability benefits

Life is filed with many unexpected events. This could come in the form of a new job, a move across the country, a layoff, a new baby, an illness or even a serious accident. When the unexpected happens, individuals are often left overwhelmed and unsure on how best to proceed. In some situations, it is easy to navigate change and a solution; however, in others, it can be extremely challenging to even live his or her daily life, let alone try to better the situation. Living with a disability present many challenges and changes, especially when one is no longer able to work because of it.

Private disability insurance might not be enough

Some residents of Central Florida may have heard about private disability insurance, and a lucky few may even have a substantial part of their income covered in the event that they are no longer able to work. Basically, these policies, like disability benefits obtained through the Social Security Administration, will replace a part of a person's income in the event that they can no longer maintain employment because of any number of medical conditions.

What is substantial gainful activity?

People in Central Florida who have applied or thought about applying for disability benefits through the Social Security Administration may have heard of the phrase "substantial gainful activity," which is actually a legal term that is used to help the Administration decide whether or not to award benefits.

What if Social Security says they are cutting my benefits?

As previous posts here have mentioned, it can be a difficult process for residents of Central Florida to get disability benefits from the Social Security Administration, even if they have a bona fide illness or injury. The obstacles with getting these benefits are one reason why many Florida residents seek out the assistance of a Social Security attorney when filing their disability claim or appealing a denial of their claim.

Why it is helpful to have an attorney help you apply for SSD

A previous post on this blog talked about how the recent federal budget proposal, which passed through Congress, offers some promise that the Social Security Administration will get additional funding that it can use to reduce the growing backlog of administrative appeals awaiting a hearing.

Women and SSDI benefits

Celebrating Women's History Month this month means looking at how far women have come over the past decades. However, it also means looking at what constraints and difficulties they still face. Are women afforded the same rights and benefits? And do they have access to the same programs as their counterparts?

SSDI is not "welfare"

A common misconception about the Social Security Disability program, particularly benefits offered through SSDI program as opposed to SSI, or Supplemental Security Income, is that it is a "welfare" system for those who, on a flimsy excuse, choose not to continue working. Aside from the fact that most Florida residents who apply for disability benefits have medically documented conditions that are, to some extent, preventing them from working, the reality is that the SSDI program is available only to people who actually have some work history.

Non-citizens can get disability benefits under some conditions

Contrary to some rumors, it is not true that undocumented immigrants can get Social Security disability benefits the same way that an American citizen who lives in Central Florida can. In fact, someone who is not in this country legally is not eligible for Social Security.