Four signs of PTSD in war veterans

No one can deny that our nations veterans who have gone to war have given up their all, including there very lives, in service to our country. However, many events that take place during any war can be extremely traumatic to those on the front line. Some of these soldiers will return from war, but due to Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, will find that their nightmares follow them wherever they go, making it impossible to hold down a job. The following is an overview of four signs of PTSD in war vets.

Reliving the event

Reliving the event, also referred to as re-experiencing symptoms are one sign of PTSD in war vets. They may remember the traumatic event they suffered at any random time. This may manifest itself in nightmares or flashbacks. Normally benign visual, auditory or olfactory experiences may trigger the feelings of fear and horror experienced during the traumatic event.

Avoiding situations that provoke a memory of the event

War vets with PTSD may avoid situations or contact with those that trigger unpleasant memories of the experience that caused the problem. Crowds may feel dangerous, driving may seem dangerous, watching movies or television shows that examine the events may be difficult, and the vet may try to keep busy or will not seek help because they simply do not want to think about their traumatic experience.

Negative changes in beliefs and feelings

War vets with PTSD can experience changes in themselves because of the trauma. They may distance themselves from previously loving relationships. They may forget about certain aspects of the trauma or they may be unable to talk about it. They may even feel like the entire world is threatening and the can trust no one.

Feeling keyed up

Feeling keyed up, also known as hyperarousal, is another symptom of PTSD. War vets may have insomnia, difficulties concentrating, easily startled or may feel like they must always have a back to their wall while in public. They may also become angry or irritable without provocation.

Learn more about disability benefits for war vets

War vets sacrifice so much for our nation, that they deserve to be appropriately compensated. Our firm’s webpage on disability benefits for vets may be a useful resource for those who want to learn more about this topic.



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