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Social Security Disability (SSD) benefits are important for those who have been hurt and who now live with a disability. When you cannot work to support yourself, you rely on benefits programs like this.

Many people believe that qualifying for SSD should be easy if they have an injury that is preventing them from working, but that is sadly not always the case. The truth is that it can be hard to get approved, and you may not be approved the first time you apply.

How long do benefits continue if you are approved?

If you are approved for SSD benefits, they continue until you can work regularly once again. If you cannot ever go back to work, then these benefits will stay the same until you reach full retirement age. At that time, they convert to retirement benefits, but the amount of compensation that you'll receive should remain the same.

What should you do if you're having trouble qualifying for SSD?

If you are having trouble qualifying for Social Security Disability benefits, then one of the things you can do is to talk to your attorney about appealing the Social Security Administration's (SSA's) decision. The SSA has the final say on who is or is not disabled in accordance with their requirements, so if you want to get benefits, you have to convince them that you're unable to work enough to support yourself. Our website has more information on the steps you can take to do that and to improve your chances of getting the benefits that you need on appeal.

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