What are common compartment syndrome limitations?

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Compartment syndrome is a very debilitating medical condition and can either be chronic or acute. While the circumstances that bring about this diagnosis may vary, the symptoms can adversely impact a person’s quality of life.

Chronic compartment syndrome is most common among individuals who perform repetitive motions such as swimming, bike riding, running and elliptical exercise. Individuals with this condition often experience a sudden onset of swelling and pain immediately following their engagement in any strenuous activities.

An individual may receive an acute compartment syndrome diagnosis after breaking a bone or following an auto accident. An individual may receive such a diagnosis in conjunction with a burn, bruise or crush injury and even if a medical professional puts a cast or bandage on too tight or a surgeon damages a blood vessel. Any situation that results in restricted blood flow to a body part may result in a person’s acute compartment syndrome diagnosis.

Medical professionals refer to the symptoms that compartment syndrome patients experience as the five “P’s.”

Patients may have difficulty experiencing a pulse in the body part affected by the compartment syndrome. They may also have to contend with paresthesia, or pins and needles, along the affected body parts. Patients may also have difficulty when trying to perform passive stretching. Doing this may result in significant pain. Pallor, or discoloration due to a lack of blood flow, may also be noticeable in compartment syndrome patients. These individuals often have to contend with persistent pain that only worsens when they try to elevate, stretch or put pressure on their affected limbs.

Individuals who suffer from a compartment syndrome have nerve damage that can, over time, affect how well affected limbs function. More profound injuries can result in muscle loss and subsequent cell death. The toxins released into the body once this happens can damage a person’s kidneys leading to more health problems over time.

One of the more severe consequences that can result from your involvement in a car or some other type of accident here in Florida is for you to end up with a compartment syndrome diagnosis. You may find that your condition deteriorates as opposed to improving once this happens. It may only get worse in time. A personal injury attorney in Kissimmee could help you recover the compensation that you need to cover your medical costs if someone else’s negligence resulted in your diagnosis.


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