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1 dies in 3-story fall from scissor lift in Sanford

Falls are a leading cause of injuries and death for construction workers. Since that's such a major risk, all construction workers and employers should be well aware of the safety procedures that have to take place to prevent them. Unfortunately, even with all the preventative tools that are available today, fall hazards still exist and can lead to accidents.

A story from Jan. 30 in Sanford, Florida, reported that a construction worker was killed in a three-story fall. The worker, who was on a scissor lift, was working on Harvest Time Drive when the incident took place.

Officials reported that the man had been on the lift, which was extended, when the worker fell from it while working on a building. The authorities don't suspect foul play and believe that the fall was accidental.

Working at a height? Know how to stay safe

Falls are bound to happen for a number of reasons, but there are still ways to stay safe. If you're working several stories above the ground, then it makes sense to wear a harness or to be tethered to a platform. You should have some system in place that allows you to be caught if you fall so that you don't fall and hit the ground. Simply having a tether and harness could prevent a long drop that may not be survivable.

Workers can also work as a team to stabilize equipment and make sure that anyone who is working is not exposed to dangerous wind speeds or other hazardous weather conditions that could throw them off balance or cause a fall. If someone does fall and get hurt or pass away, then those individuals or their families may be able to pursue workers' compensation.

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