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Workers see large risk in construction deaths in Florida

Florida is going through a building boom right now. As a result, there are plenty of construction teams working together to build hotels, homes and more around the state. This is wonderful for the creation of jobs, but it does mean that fatalities can become more common due to accidents.

According to recent statistics, construction fatalities have increased by a shocking 140% in the last seven years. The U.S. Department of Labor reported that there were 101 fatalities in 2018, which is up from only 63 in 2014. In 2011, there had been only 42 construction fatalities.

Why are workers getting hurt in Florida?

The most common cause was falling. In 40 cases, workers slipped, tripped or fell and died. In 13 cases, workers passed away after coming into contact with equipment or objects. Three people died in explosions or fires. Another 20 people died from exposure to harmful substances or dangers in their environment.

So long as there are buildings to create, workers will always be at risk of injury due to construction. Construction workers can take steps to protect themselves, though. Using proper personal protective equipment (PPE), for example, could help prevent death even after a fall or impact.

What should you do if you lose a loved one in a construction accident?

If you lose someone you love in a construction accident, remember that workers' compensation can provide support for employees. If your loved one was a third-party contractor without workers' compensation coverage, then you may instead need to seek a personal injury claim to help recover your family's financial losses.

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