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Facing the SSA? Our team fights to protect SSD benefits

A couple of weeks ago on the blog we discussed a case where disabled individuals were having their Social Security disability benefits yanked away based on allegations of fraud. Tragically, many individuals have their SSD benefits suddenly reduced or stopped for a variety of reasons, whether for allegations of wrongdoing or a reassessment of an individual's medical condition. The best way to prevent this from taking you by surprise is to protect your claim as fully as possible given your particular set of circumstances.

If you have already successfully claimed SSD benefits, this means ensuring that you are obtaining the medical documentation you need to support your claim on reconsideration. By doing so, you stand a better chance of showing the Social Security Administration that you are still disabled and worthy of receiving disability benefits. Failing to obtain and keep medical records favorable to you could result in unwanted results.

Yet, even when you have the information you need, you need to present it to the SSA in a way that they find persuasive. When seeking SSD benefits, after all, you are asking the government for money, and they are quick to look for ways to deny you the money to which you are entitled. They may be aggressive with you and seek to twist your words and evidence into something that you didn't mean. By having a legal advocate on your side, you may be able to protect yourself and your benefits, ensuring that you can retain the benefits you desperately need.

At The Lawrence Law Firm, our team of highly skilled and experienced legal professionals know the tricks and the trade of the SSA and how to thwart their efforts to deny benefits to deserving individuals. With this knowledge, as well as our compassionate, individualized approach to each case, we craft a legal strategy that works for our clients. The choice of an attorney can be a tough one, though, so we encourage those seeking legal assistance to do their homework before settling on legal representation.

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