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Social Security disability planner is a good place to start

Disability is far more common than many of us think. In fact, about 25 percent of those the age of 20 today will become disabled at some point in their lives before reaching the age of 67. This large portion of the population can face tremendous financial hardship when their disability prevents them from working and earning a wage. They might struggle to pay for their medical care, their rent or mortgage, and even food for themselves and their family.

If an individual's disability renders him or her unable to work, then he or she may qualify for Social Security disability. There are many steps to take before claiming benefits though, and many Floridians find the process challenging. The Social Security Administration has attempted to simplify the process and provide clarity by creating the Disability Planner.

The Disability Planner provides individuals with information on a whole host of Social Security disability matters. Individuals can find out how to qualify for SSD benefits under specific medical conditions or injuries, and they can also learn about how to apply for benefits. The Disability Planner also provides general guidance on the legal avenues available to individuals who have had their initial claim denied. By reading through this information, an individual can also discover who else in their family can receive benefits based on their employment record.

Although the SSA's Disability Planner is a good place to start when considering seeking Social Security disability benefits, it should not be the end point. Those who want to pursue an initial SSD claim, as well as those wanting to appeal an initial denial, may need to speak to a legal professional who can advocate on their behalf and provide guidance on how best to work the system to their benefit.

Source: Social Security Administration, "Disability Planner: Social Security Protection If You Become Disabled," accessed on Oct. 31, 2016

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