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Joint pain, abnormalities and SSD benefits

Many Floridians suffer from aches and pains in their joints. Though many are able to take pain relievers and manage the effects through physical therapy, some Floridians are left with such pain and limited movement that they are unable to work and earn a living wage. When this happens, the financial realities of unemployment can set in, causing stress, fear and, in some cases, panic.

Though the beginning of disability can be financially frightening, there may be financial relief in the not too distant future. However, in order to recover compensation, disabled individuals will probably need to succeed on a Social Security disability claim. The Social Security Administration has established certain requirements for every condition that can qualify as a disability, and these requirements must be met before SSD benefits are awarded.

When it comes to joint dysfunction, an individual first must satisfactorily show that the person suffers from gross anatomical deformity. In addition to this deformity, the claimant has to prove that the person suffers from chronic pain and stiffness in the joint. This can be characterized by limited motion or abnormal motion. Typically, in order to recover benefits the affected joint must be a major weight-bearing one, or a major joint of the upper extremity, such as a wrist or shoulder.

Even those who meet these requirements may find themselves facing initial claim denial. These individuals should not be discouraged, though, as many initial claims are denied for a variety of reasons. In these instances, an individual can appeal the initial determination. Regardless of whether an individual is filing an initial claim or an appeal, though, the person should be sure to be as thoroughly prepared and persuasive as possible. An experienced attorney may be able to lend a helping hand with this.

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