How skin disorders are assessed for disability benefits

Floridians who are having skin issues might have a vague understanding that they can receive Social Security disability benefits for illness; however, they most likely will not understand certain important factors in being declared disabled. When it comes to a skin disorder, the Social Security Administration or SSA has certain ways in which it will assess the impairments that can affect the skin as well as other systems of the body.

The SSA will initially conduct an evaluation as to the main issue of the impairment. Included are tuberous sclerosis, malignant tumors of the skin, autoimmune disorders or other issues with the immune system and disfigurement or deformity. There can be others that are evaluated.

Tuberous sclerosis generally will affect the brain. When the claimant is suffering from this, it can include having seizures. These will be evaluated based on the neurological listings of impairments. It can also involve developmental delays or other mental problems. These will be evaluated under the mental disorders listings. Malignant tumors of the skin can include melanomas. These can be cancers or neoplastic diseases. A neoplastic disease is a growth and it can be malignant or benign.

Autoimmune disorders can include HIV, systemic lupus erythematosus or SLE, among others. This will frequently influence more than one system of the body. These will be evaluated under the listings for immune system disorders.

Disfigurement or deformity can come from skin lesions and might lead to the claimant losing the ability to have functional senses such as speech, hearing and sight. The person could be unable to chew. These are evaluated under special senses and speech listings and the digestive system. If there is a facial disfigurement or deformity, this could fall into the mental disorders listings as they can affect social functioning and mood.

People with skin disorders need to know that it can result in numerous other problems throughout the body both mentally and physically. Considering how this can negatively affect a person’s life, harm their ability to function normally with a job and result in massive medical expenses, seeking Social Security disability benefits for illness is an option that should be pursued. Speaking to a legal professional experienced in Social Security disability for illness and helping clients receive disability benefits can help in filing a case or appealing a denied claim.

Source:, “8.00 Skin Disorders — Adult — D. How do we assess impairments that may affect the skin and other body systems?,” accessed on May 23, 2016


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