Seeking Florida disability benefits for memory impairment

Floridians who are experiencing memory loss might think that it is nothing serious and is a simple matter of concentration and focus. However, there are many conditions and illnesses that have memory impairment as a symptom. These can lead to long-term problems, the inability to function normally, and can render a person unable to work. Although Florida houses a significant number of older people, this problem does not necessarily have to be limited to them. It is in circumstances like this that a person might consider seeking Social Security disability benefits for mental conditions. Before moving forward with a disability claim, it is imperative to have a diagnosis and to know when to seek medical help.

Being forgetful is not necessarily a symptom of a debilitating disease such as Alzheimer’s. As people age, it is inevitable that forgetfulness will grow more prevalent. That said, there is a difference between simply forgetting things like a person’s name or where the car was parked and more serious signals of memory loss. Memory loss related to dementia can include a loss of ability to exercise good judgment, command of the language, reasoning, thinking, and memory.

Signs of a potentially problematic bout of memory loss includes: continually asking the same questions; forgetting words; mixing words up; taking a longer time to complete basic tasks; putting items in inappropriate places; forgetting how to get from one familiar place to another; experiencing sudden mood changes; and having trouble following directions.

Diseases that are linked to these symptoms include the aforementioned Alzheimer’s and several forms of dementia. These can have slower or faster manifestations into a person needing more intensive treatment and assistance. That can include the need to consider whether or not the issues meet the requirements to receive disability. For those who are having memory problems or have a loved one experiencing memory impairment, first it is imperative to see a doctor. Then it is important to discuss a possible case for disability benefits with a qualified lawyer.

Source:, “Alzheimer’s Disease — Memory Loss: When to seek help,” accessed on Dec. 8, 2015


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