Understanding fibromyalgia, its symptoms and Florida SSD benefits

Fibromyalgia is an illness that was once so commonly misunderstood that many Floridians disputed that it even existed. A large number of Floridians who were and are suffering from it will say that it is very obviously a legitimate issue. As the number of people who are diagnosed as having fibromyalgia grows, so too has it become possible for those who are suffering from it to be approved for Social Security Disability (SSD) benefits for illness because of it. Before moving forward with a claim, however, it is imperative to understand fibromyalgia and its symptoms.

People who have fibromyalgia will suffer from pain throughout the body. They will have trouble sleeping, remembering, feel fatigued and fluctuating moods. In many instances, fibromyalgia will begin to manifest itself after a person has experienced a physical trauma, gone through surgery, had an infection or dealt with a circumstance involving substantial psychological stress. For others, the condition begins to show itself after an accumulation of smaller issues and not after one single event.

Women are more vulnerable to fibromyalgia than men. Those who have fibromyalgia frequently have tension headaches, depression, anxiety and IBS. Symptoms of fibromyalgia might initially be considered to be little more than a passing virus or illness. They include fatigue, cognitive problems and widespread pain.

For the pain to be considered “widespread,” it must be present on both sides of the body above the waist and below it. Generally, it will last for at least three months.

Fatigue is often present even if the claimant has slept for a significant period. That sleep might be interrupted by pain. Cognitively, there might be a problem maintaining attention and concentrating.

No known cure has been discovered for fibromyalgia. It can be helped by medications, as well as holistic treatments. Those who are suffering from fibromyalgia could have an issue with working at a full-time job or even working at all. In some instances, they need to receive help with various everyday activities.

With that, it can potentially be considered in the category of qualifying SSD benefits for illness. Those who are suffering from fibromyalgia or have the symptoms might be declared disabled and receive SSD benefits. Speaking to a legal professional experienced in helping clients with fibromyalgia receive disability benefits is the first step to moving forward with a claim.

Source: MayoClinic.org, “Fibromyalgia — Definition,” accessed on Nov. 17, 2015


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